Rorcal & Earthflesh // Witch Coven // EP Review


Rorcal, a band born in 2005 and featuring five Swiss members with the aim of reaching the deepest depths of darkness and now following five albums, numerous Eps and touring across the globe, have now joined forces with Earthflesh. This one-man fellow Swiss underground force of experimental noise arrived in 2019 and has been involved in a number of releases. The one-man responsible for Earthflesh also happens to be the original bassist for Rorcal.

The two-track album may initially sound more of an EP, however, when you throw in the fact that the release spans some 30 minutes, you realise that is so much to what you are about to hear as the Black Metal doomsters add drones and noise to create something more despicable and utterly terrifying under the heading of Witchcoven.

As the first track ‘Altars of Nothingness’ begins with eerie and haunting gothic that build up to an incredibly deep and steady paced drone with sporadic drum, the industrial and sonic audible experience reverberates through the skeletal system, bouncing off of every nerve ending numbing every feeling. The gothic choral vocals continue throughout this ultra Doom track that has a true funeral feeling around it.

The second and final track ‘Happiness Sucks, So Do You’ explores more noise and intense aspects as the pace picks up and you repeatedly receive battering’s around the skull. The noise and atmospherics add some amazing extra layers to what is already a hefty piece of Death Doom. The vocals continue to unnerve and infiltrate your brain as the noise and effects attack your resilience.

This combination of two bands to form something new has worked stunningly well and creates a new beast to be taken on. This beast will put pressure on you and try to break you down from the inside out. Your mental resilience will be tested to the fullest, however, if you feel up to the challenge, this is a very worthwhile album to experience.

The tracks will test your very being and make you question why you took on Witch Coven however what you will soon realise it that if you allow yourself to be carried away on this intense journey, you will find some intelligent and stunning Death/Doom/Noise.

Ed Ford


Witch Coven will be released Friday 2nd April 2021 on Hummus Records


  1. Altars of Nothingness
  2. Happiness Sucks, So Do You



Rorcal & Earthflesh // Witch Coven // EP Review
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