SAATE, the new sensational heavy metal band from Sweden featuring Stefan Rådlund (Guitars) and Robert Ahlenius (Bass) from power/prog metal band Binary Creed along with vocalist Rickard Thelin from fellow Swedish band Summoned Tide have posted their new music video for their sixth single “Fly With Me”. The track is a great blend of heavy, growling and melodic metal made in Sweden.

Watch “Fly With Me” at the following link:

“Fly With Me” follows their five previous singles “Sovereign Plea”“The Conjuring”, “Exorcise”, “Bene Elohim”, Once Again” released earlier this year.

Music Video – “Once Again” –

Song Stream – “Bene Elohim” –

Music Video – “Sovereign Plea” –

Music Video – “The Conjuring” –

Lyric Video – “Exorcise” –

“Fly With Me” is available for digital download and streaming at the following:

Rickard Thelin (Vocals)
Stefan Rådlund (Guitar)
Robert Ahlenius (Bass)
Molgan (Drums)

For more info:

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