Rockingham 19th October 2018 - Nottingham Trent University, UK - Day One
Rockingham 2018 Day One
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On a unusually mild October evening in the rock capital of the UK something special is about
to happen! That’s right, it’s Rockingham time here in Nottingham. With a promise of a
weekend full of melodic rock and an intimate venue what more could the hundreds of
rockers who have descended on the city wish for.
Kicking off the Friday night was a really special treat with a performance of the Rockingham
anthem performed by the original artists. With the words being played behind them on the
big screen, what other way do you open a festival! The line up to follow was no less
impressive however as Mason Hill kicked the night off in style. The Scottish band showed
no fear at being first on the stage and the crowd certainly gave them a warm welcome. With
their heavy sound they rocked the room and took control. But as well as killing it on the stage
they were completely humble about being able to play and thanked the crowd several times
for taking part and showing up.
Next up were Aussie rockers Massive who absolutely brought the energy with their high
kicks and jumping antics and they absolutely blew the roof off!! It was clear to see through
the crowd that they had a large following of fans here tonight with some being here for this
band alone. They lifted the rooms energy even higher and got the whole space moving along
with them. Even if you’d managed to miss who these guys were it didn’t matter as they put
on a performance that entertained all.
Pink Cream 69 were next to take over the venue. With showmanship and style also comes
great music and that was everything this band is. From the moment they took the stage they
were here to provide these fans with a performance. Between an array of greatest hits both
new and old, they took the time to speak to the crowd and acknowledge them. There was
clearly some die hard fans at the front of the stage and the front man made sure he let them
know he’d seen them. This kind of fan interaction is what makes these kind of events much
more special than an outdoor festival. As performances go these guys didn’t miss a beat as
despite a few technical difficulties they continued on like pros with just a few jokes aimed at
the crowd.
An air of excitement began to grow through the crowd as they waited for the next band. By
this point everyone had thrown a few pints down them and were raring to go for some more
music. Headlining the first night of this year’s festival, you see, was the one and only Vixen.
This all female band were more than ready to set some this crowds heart on fire! Their
performance proved that these girls can rock just as hard as any of the boys as they stormed
through their set. Pulling no punches they definitely kicked some ass tonight. Looking just as
stunning as they always have, they had this crowd in the palm of their hand and the crowd
were loving it. Between being rock goddesses they spoke to the fans and got them calling
back and singing along. On stage they dominated with not only their talent but showmanship
as well, it was clear that they put their all into each performance they do and tonight was
definitely no exception. The band have also chosen to mix up their set list with a
performance of “Only A Heartbeat Away” which they never did live ‘back in the day’. Throw in
a drum solo and some more amazing tracks and Vixen have given this crowd a complete set
with plenty of sing along moments. They ended the night on a high and with this calibre of
bands and performances so far the rest of the weekend is sure to be one hell of one!
But for some lucky fans, the night was not over yet. The first 250 ticket holders were invited
to a very special after party. On the line up were an acoustic set performed by Boulevard

and Ammunitions own Age Sten Nilsen. Boulevard performed 6 songs that created a very
special atmosphere. With David Forbes vocals carrying across the room, there was
something magical about sharing such an intimate moment. Nilsen’s set was no different
apart from it was just one man and his guitar which is always something wonderful to hear.
His rendition of “Wild Card” was quite possibly the highlight of the evening. However there
was more yet to come before the night was over. In an exclusive album launch Midnite City
were here to celebrate their latest album There Goes The Neighborhood. While the previous
two sets had been seated and all about experiencing the moment, now it was time to party.
The band encouraged everyone to get out of their seats while they played through the
album. The whole night was something these fans would not forget in a hurry.


Photography – Mark Ellis 

Shoot The Groove


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