Forget everything you know about music. Forget the conventional, forget inviable gender roles, free yourself from old expectations, spit in the face of everything mundane, and get on board a speeding train with four misfits on a fearless pursuit of DIY or death. Genre? Dancehall, fyyah! Punk, hey ho! Rock, hell yeah! Sumo Cyco are everything you’ve heard and nothing you’ve heard before at once: chaotic guitar, anthemic sing-along choruses, and vocals from sweet to Sever. Sumo Cyco are more than what you hear. Sumo Cyco is a feeling. Sumo Cyco pride themselves on creating memorable experiences for fans on the stage and beyond, creating original self-directed mini-movies themed around the world of “Cyco City”, where everything in the Sumo Cyco universe takes place.

Lead vocalist Skye “Sever” Sweetnam rivals any front person on the stage. She’s lived out a real-life school of rock. She spent her teenage years on a tour bus with Matt “MD13” Drake and Kenny “Thor” Corke – playing arenas as a Capitol Records Pop artist by day, air drumming to Refused and Rancid by night. In fact, Skye has written songs with Tim Armstrong – really, you should Google it! The three founding members of Sumo Cyco have circled the world together dozens of times, now with new drummer Matt “Trozzi”, they’re taking the world by storm. In the wild west of the entertainment business, Sumo Cyco stands as a strong example of what true passion, hard work and a belief in one’s self can accomplish. Sure, they’ve won awards, and toured internationally with huge superstars, but what really matters is what they create when the world is still, with no one telling them what to do. Welcome to Cyco City.

Check out our live review of Sumo Cyco at The Limelight Belfast supporting CKY on their current Ireland & UK Tour.

Photography By Marc Leach


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