Glenn Hughes performs Classic Deep Purple Live tours the UK in October.

Former Deep Purple bassist and singer Glenn Hughes, known to millions as the ‘Voice of Rock’, is bringing his “Glenn Hughes Performs Classic Deep Purple” tour to the UK. Please find the tour dates listed below.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee’s tour promises to be a dynamic, turn-back-the-clocks, two-hour live extravaganza homage to his tenure in MK 3 and MK 4 incarnations of Deep Purple – one of music history’s most seminal and influential rock and roll groups.

He opens the UK leg of the tour in Belfast this Saturday 29th Sept – Tickets available from the Waterfront Hall.





Bristol, Academy                             Tuesday 2 October

Leamington, Assembly                  Wednesday 3 October

Southampton, Engine Rooms     Friday 5 October

Cardiff, Tramshed                            Saturday 6 October

Leeds, University Union               Tuesday 9 October

Newcastle, O2 Academy               Wednesday 10 October

Glasgow, O2 Academy                  Friday 12 October

Manchester, Academy 2               Saturday 13 October

London, Koko                                    Monday 15 October


We’ve spoke to Glenn a few times here at Rock ‘N’ Load but never about his days in Deep Purple, so it was with great pleasure we got the chance to chat to one of the finest voices in Rock about his involvement in one of the UK’s finest bands.


RNL – Hey Glenn how are you brother?

GH – I am great Mark, just a little hot here in the Black Country right now.

RNL – Im sure that’s a rare thing Glenn so make the most of it!

GH – Hey Mark, where are you calling from?

RNL – I am ringing you from Belfast

GH – How Cool, speaking to someone form a place I need to play!

RNL – Not far away now Glenn it’s just around the corner!

GH – Yeah I’ve got a short US stint and then I’ll be coming to see you guys, I cant wait! I told my agent “I’ve got to play Belfast” so here I am.

RNL – I’m sure Glenn with the Deep Purple Tour coming up it’s given you a lot of time to reflect on that period of your career?

GH – It’s an evening of classic Deep Purple songs that I was involved in writing architect wise, performing and singing these songs. I played some of these recently and people were surprised that I was covering them, and I was like what did you expect! People have to know that I’ll be playing songs that me and David (Coverdale) sang from the MK3 & MK4 days and the current Deep Purple don’t play these. So if you want to here these songs, see these songs live I’m the only guy doing them and by the way brother, gladly and humbly delivering these songs back to the fans.  I Have no resentment and no hesitations in my life I am full of love and a great spiritual progression and to play in Belfast once again is a monumental thing for me as I have been wanting to do this for a long, long time.

RNL – You’re a busy man Glenn between Black Country Communion, and your own solo projects, going back over these songs again must be something very special for you?

GH – It is and to dedicate and evening to play Deep Purple songs isn’t just to do studio versions, a lot of artists will go and play the usual 3 minute song. But what I’ve done Mark is go back and look over videos of California Jam, Made in Japan and Live In Paris and Ive analysed what we done in Bar there here and bar seven here, so that someone in the audience can close their eyes and think, god what year is this? And that’s what I’m trying to achieve on this tour bro, so that people can hear the way they were written and lets just say these days, im singing them more like they were the 70’s songs as I would have changed them a little in the 90’s and millennium years, but I’ve gone back to what I would say was the 70’s arrangements.

RNL – Do you think vocally your voice has changed much from those early days?

GH – Well here’s another statement you’ll understand, People say to me “How come you sing better now than you did in 1975” well it’s very clear that I got sober in 1991, stopped doing drugs, became a vegan, stopped womanising (chuckle) and dedicated myself to the art form of an athletic singer if you will. I exercise, I warm my vocals up, I have a huge vocal range as you know 5 sometimes 6 octaves, a guy like me has to be very serious about the craft, I have a very good friend named Alan Shearer (Ex Newcastle & England centre forward) when he was taking penalties for England he had like a 99.9% average, he knew he was going to score. When I take that stage now I don’t have that fear anymore because I’m not that drunken guy. I have the opportunity to bring the message of love and bring these songs to Rock fans, when they’re standing in front of me I’ll be giving them 110%. I don’t think to myself “aw I’ve got a few hours to kill im gonna saunter on stage and have a few drinks” no no no, not gonna happen at a Glenn Hughes show.

RNL – I was fortunate to catch you as a front man with BCC back in 2011 in Dubin so I am very much looking forward to seeing you live once again Glenn.

GH – Yeah Vicker St in Dublin, You know I’ve had health issues, I’ve had heart surgery, I’ve had two new knees, going onto the Hall Of Fame on tv and I cant walk, I’ve been through a lot and I now feel fine, I am an avid athlete, I have a lot of fun in my life but I am very serious about my art.

RNL – Do you feel you have a better appreciation for it now Glenn after having gone through all those trials and tribulations?

GH – Yes it also gives me a better appreciation, as people from my childhood are dying, people I played with in bands, every band I’ve ever played in people are dying. Trapeze are completely gone! Finders Keepers the band I was in before Trapeze three are gone, and it’s like isn’t that a crazy thing and I say that with respect that some people in the 70’s were taking bets that I’d be the next to go, but it didn’t happen as I changed my lifestyle, I didn’t want to become a statistic. There were a lot of jokes in the British press in the 80’s about this and that saying I was fucked up, I was fucked up but got out of that, and I don’t want any medals for doing that all I want to do is give back the love and support people have given me, for those who have stood by me and supported me especially in Belfast as I don’t play there very often, so when people see me play live in Belfast once again they will not forget this performance, I’m coming, I’m coming to get ya!

RNL – Tell me in your own words then Glenn how your involvement in Deep Purple came about.

GH – They were courting me for about a year, they came to see me a few times and I didn’t really understand that they were going to ask me to join, they saw me live at The Whiskey in LA and the Marquee in London and when they asked me to join I was like “What” I was stood in front of them in a boardroom in New York wondering “Why am I in this room?” I was so fucking naïve! They offered me a deal, and it wasn’t the money at all that interested me it was the creative, the chance to play in front of millions of people. Money to me is a secondary commodity, though today I am a businessman and that wouldn’t happen today cos I don’t trust people! I don’t do things for money I do it for the artistry, I don’t have to do things for money anymore I am very fortunate.

RNL – At that time back in the 70’s it was a rich, rich time for Rock with the infancy of all these great bands who influenced modern Rock, where you guys aware of the impact you were having on music at that time?

 GH – Yeah I was, of course the likes of the Beatles, John and Ringo became my mates, Jack Bruce and of course Robert and Jon from Led Zepplin were good friends and then of joining Deep Purple became like a bit of a boys club you know, it was a big moment for any Rock fan you know. When I think of great Rock bands of the 70’s you think of Led Zepplin, Deep Purple, The Who, The Stones, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and I can go on and on and on and they’re all Brits aren’t they? The entire top 10 Rock bands are all from the UK, Ireland Scotland etc. There was nobody else it was all about the UK.  Look at U2 changing the board game again in the 80’s they’re all coming form this side of the globe my friend!

RNL – When you talked about your time involved with drink and drug use was that just part and parcel of being involved in the music industry in those days?

GH – No drug addiction happens to those with and without fame, I was in a band called Deep Purple as you know and I partied with the lads and avoided drugs for around two years but one day I gave in and found myself snorting a bit of coke, and of course I didn’t think of myself as an addict, you never do you know. Then I started to get myself in the way of thinking well I need a little bit of this, and it started to effect my priorities and it took me 15 years to get out of that. It was a very difficult 15 years for me to stop, when I eventually stopped in 1991 it was like a light came into my life. What I cant do is beat myself up over people laughing at me or talking about me, I was sick and I came back from the jaws of death and I am now a giving human being who is very ,very grateful.

RNL – Well you cant turn the clock back Glenn.

GH – Brother I have learnt what not to do, and I now work with a lot of people famous and not trying to kick the habit of doing drugs, it’s a part of my sobriety.

RNL – Glenn on the three Deep Purple albums you played on do you have any personal favourites?

GH – For me Stormbringer, When Ritchie came into the studio he didn’t have any songs, possibly Soldier Of Fortune and one other so myself and David wrote a lot on that album. Because of that we wrote a lot of the album live in the studio, I think me and David being given the reigns of that album really was a big deal for us. It was a big thing for me to be accepted by my peer group in America because of that record.

RNL – What was it like being a new guy in such an established band like Deep Purple?

GH – Well for me I was already in Trapeze and we were selling 10,000 tickets a night in some venues, that’s a lot of tickets Mark for an artist to be moving. A bit like U2 when they hit the road, they didn’t have a hit but they sold a lot of tickets because people loved them, and Trapeze were the same as we were a trio and we were fucking killing people! So when Purple saw that they saw what I was doing in Trapeze, I didn’t know that I was an enigma on stage, I didn’t know that back then, but when I see footage of myself back then I go “Whoa look at that guy” and it just worked out for me, and I got to take my game to a bigger game. And please print this “Thee most grateful man you will see this year is Glenn Hughes”

RNL – Who have you surrounded yourself with on the tour this time Glenn?

GH – Jeff Coleman is back my guitar player from 10 yrs ago, I’ve got Mike Mangan, he’s a Hammond Organ specialist and Eduardo Baldos from Sao Paolo, Brazil because I wanted a band to come in and dedicate their art form to this evening of Deep purple Music, so what I did was change my band for this particular set because I wanted people to come in with knowledge of Blackmore, Lord and Pace. That probably doesn’t make sense to people until they read into it, but I am bringing in the players I want to play Deep Purple Classic Rock. It makes sense to me and I think it’ll make sense to people when they see and hear this band.

RNL – I’m sure you can’t wait to hit the UK with this run of shows?

GH – For sure and Belfast will be the first show, I am bring my A game with me brother you gotta believe it!





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