Rock ‘N’ Load Exclusive: Austin Rockers White Label Analog Share Their Influences & Inspiration

Austin rockers White Label Analog have unveiled their hook-laden, serotonin inducing new single.

“Feelin It” is out now.

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Rock ‘N’ Load – White Label Analog Influences  & Inspiration

Chris (Didear):  Heath and I have always played a central role in the direction of writing, arranging, and producing WLA’s music.  Fortunately for us, we are pretty like-minded in our approach and want what’s best for each song, as the song itself, is always the star.  For us, it’s critical to be unselfish and collaborative, but the fact is, we really enjoy the iterative and creative process of songwriting.  While it can certainly be challenging at times, the ends most always justify the means….and we believe the outcome reveals a natural diversity that stems from incorporating a wide range of influences spanning multiple decades and genres.

Heath (Macintosh):  As the instrumentation for “Feelin’ It” began taking form, we were inspired by danceable, new wave and pop sounds of the 80s era.  While not one specific example was used, we found ourselves embracing a vibe somewhere between The Cars and The 1975, while still retaining its own identity.

The Cars-Tonight She Comes

The 1975-If You’re Too Shy

Heath:  As far as the distorted vocals on the verse///obvious calls are to The Killers in hindsight -which is a great band and an influence, but the sound came off more to us at the moment like The Neon Trees while we were tracking, and was actually a happy accident.  We initially recorded the vocals straight clean, then tried another take with the vocal run through the board and out to a guitar amp…but then we blew that amplifier.  We tried to recreate the vibe with another amp to get more takes…but it just wasn’t right.  So, we ended up reverting to the one-take scratch vocal from the previous track…and was just the right fit for the verses.

Neon Trees-Everybody Talks

Chris:  Choruses play such a monumental role in popular music, and our aim was to make the chorus in “Feelin’ It” as big and as memorable as possible.  In similar fashion with some of our other material, we incorporated the tonal aesthetics of a female vocal to add shimmer and icing on the cake so-to-speak.  So, we asked my wife Angela to contribute some backing vocals in order to achieve that outcome.  She was also a guest vocalist on our previous single “Everybody Knows” as well.

Heath:  Big Chorus with Female vocals…before the first chorus bubbles a nod to ABBA and with female vocals on the chorus itself like in “SOS.”


Chris:  For the bridge section, I wanted to do draw upon what might otherwise be considered a bit of a wild card and try something different.  I’m a big fan of Michael Bublé.  His tone is so rich and warm, and he has such dynamic timbre for such a powerful voice.  His style is certainly romantic, and I appreciate the way his inflection and enunciation can interplay with the beat a-tempo style to emphasize certain words and syllables.  I wanted the bridge to emulate that feel, and start out with a profession of feelings which was somewhat conversational then building in confidence that crescendos into exclamation; with a strong and powerful finish note to go into the drop of the outro choruses.

Michael Bublé – Haven’t Met You Yet

From one of the country’s most celebrated hubs of of emerging rock music, Austin rock quartet White Label Analog seamlessly blend instrumental guile with gloriously catchy hooks and a dexterous, multi-layered blend of influence from the 80’s and 90’s, as well as nods to their more present day contemporaries.

Subsequently, notes of Walk The Moon and Neon Trees shine through in the band’s recent tracks, a gregarious and unabashed display of toe-tapping rock.

The Lone Star State outfit shot to the fore following a breakout 2016, which saw the band unveil debut full-length, In Case You Just Tuned In and set off on their inaugural national tour.

“Feelin’ It” comes as the band’s first new music since 2018’s “Everyone Knows” and have relished the opportunity to return to the studio. “It’s been a rough last couple of years for everyone, so it just feels great to come out with something that is fun and carefree”, said lead vocalist Chris Didear of the new single. “We make music to move your feet as much as your heart.”

Listen to White Label Analog’s new single, “Feelin’ It”.

WLA Press promo alt 9.8.20

White Label Analog is:
Chris Didear – Vocals
Heath Macintosh – Drums, Vocals
Alex Navarro – Bass
Vince DiGioia – Guitar, Vocals


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