Rock ‘N’ Load catch up with Nikolaos Spanakis aka Father W. to discuss the EP and everything else that he has going on!

Hot on the heels of the release of debut EP Unpleasant Promises, Rock ‘N’ Load catch up with Nikolaos Spanakis aka Father W. to discuss the EP and everything else that he has going on!

“Gin Lane” is the solo project of Father W. (the man behind Drunk Motherfuckers, Dodsferd, Grab and many other underground projects) and “Unpleasant Promises” is his first official EP.

He created this band after he left Athens in 2017 and moved back to his homeland, Ierapetra, in the beautiful island of Crete!

“Empty Life” is the first song that was officially released in digital form, through the band’s official You Tube Channel in 2019.

“Disposable Fright” is the new single; just a small taste from the debut full album that will be recorded in 2022 and released in 2023 by FYC Records.

All music and Lyrics are written by Father W.

Hello, could you please introduce yourself to the Rock n Load readers?

Good day Ed and thank you very much for this interview. Here is Nikolaos Spanakis (aka Father W. / Wrath), creator of Gin Lane and many other bands, projects worldwide, as also the man behind the independent underground label, FYC Records.

You are now a published poet, in a number of bands and owner of a record label, many congratulations but how do you find the time for everything?

Thank you very much Ed! I have reduced sleeping time and I have isolated myself from people that waste my time, in order to catch up with all the things I have managed to accomplish. In this daily routine, it’s very hard to stay focused and determined to the goals you have set and need to be succeeded, but my state of mind is loyal to this work of life and follows it with no second thoughts and excuses. This is my legacy and I am not willing to make any discounts in order to serve my vision and my philosophy.

With all you other bands why did you feel the need to create Gin Lane?

Gin Lane is completely different in the way of expressing me.  Its way more clear than my previous bands, and projects, but with a very strong impact as far as my music and lyrics are concerned. It’s a project that will prevail, when all my other musical projects, bands finally manage to complete their journey.

How would you describe Gin Lane?

A soundtrack to magnify the guilts and hypocrisy of a corrupted society that erases the values of a decent world!

Where do you get all your inspiration from?

From humankind and their disastrous characteristics! I have a lot of anger and disgust seeing all this apathy and the unstoppable exploitation and death of Mother Nature and its beautiful species!

How do you decide which tracks will be performed by which band?

They choose the appropriate band/project that is going to represent them. I am just following their choices! The voices in my head never do wrong!!!

You have recently released Unpleasant Promises, what were your intentions for the listener when you recorded it?

To feel, what I feel and make him/her think of what the future holds; to see their position in this world; to feel uncomfortable and when they manage to understand, salvation will eventually come!!!

How do you feel about the EP now it has been out for a number of weeks?

I feel calm and distressed at the same time! I have a lot of things to say through this project, very personal feelings to express; now that it has finally started, I must be determined and focused to spread my vision! It needs a lot of work!!!

Would you change anything about the EP?

No, I wouldn’t!

How do you approach the writing and recording process? Is it music and then lyrics or another way?

I record music first and then lyrics find their own way through the melodies. Music guides the way my lyrics will accompany the song; and with a poetic way they will magnify the feelings of it!

How do you plan and perform all the aspects of the album? I am intrigued about the process from initial idea to fully record.

I just play the guitar whenever I feel that I need to make a soundtrack for my thoughts. After that, things are getting clearer of what should be next and what the song needs.

Do you plan for Gin Lane to perform live at all? If so how would that work?

That would be great! Gin Lane is one of my projects that I need to perform live with it. I just need special musicians; people who would be at the same state of mind and feel my vision in order to be able to spread it with me! When I find these people, then you will see Gin Lane performing live!

What is the future for Gin Lane?

A full album, I hope till the end of 2023. I have a lot of obligations with my label, bands, and my book of poems; and of course family and dogs, that keep me busy, so I hope to be able to complete it, in order to be released till the end of 2023.

Thank you for your time and wishing you all the best in the future.

Thank you for giving me the chance to present my new project! Honored!

With Respect,

Nikolaos Spanakis (aka Father W.)

Official Videos:

Gin Lane – Disposable Fright (M.D. Productions)

Gin Lane – Empty Life (Nemesis Productions)