Robyn Ferguson // The Waking World // EP Review


South African progressive, Multi-Instrumentalist extraordinaire Robyn Ferguson is back with her latest offering, The Waking World. A five-track EP this time piano-driven which is a step back from her usual guitar-instrumental offerings, Ferguson has taken an almost reflective approach to her songwriting and laid bare her emotions via the beauty within the keys. 

There is a haunting quality to her songwriting, reflective of the harrowing and emotive times we have found ourselves over the last 18 months. The Waking World is her fifth EP in the last twenty-four months, clearly a highly expressive individual with a multitude of voices to express herself, her latest offering may be a diversion from her usual medium but is no less beautiful. A breath of fresh air from your usual musical menu, it may seem scary trying out that quirky South African delicacy but don’t be afraid, you’ll like it. All five tracks are short and sweet, almost to the point where they tease and caress you just enough to pique your interest before you realise they are gone. 

Ferguson’s take on her latest EP may not be to everyone’s liking but what cannot be ignored is the quality within, a beautifully poised EP that challenges the senses and asks questions of the listener, pushing them into unknown places and beyond. 

Short and sweet it’s over all too soon, Ferguson taunts you with her expressive and highly emotive songwriting then yanks it away in the blink of an eye. Till the next time. 

The Waking World is out now. 


1.  Halflife (02:51)

2. Shallow (01:55)

3. Morpheus (02:47)

4. Reset (04:21)

5. Omen (01:23)

Robyn Ferguson is a passionate musician from South Africa, who knows how to work hard and play hard! She is known for her dynamic live performances and adept guitar skills (with acts like Adorned in Ash and Sistas of Metal). The past 2 years Robyn has been super productive and flying solo, using her immense talent as a healing-and-driving force on her spiritual journey to rise above health challenges.

Robyn states that “there were many personal challenges faced, and some that are still being faced. I am happy to say that, despite these battles (and still having some nerve damage and paralysis in parts of my body), the creation of my solo work has been extremely liberating and exciting. These past 2 years completely kicked me into a different frame of mind, and I’ve found myself looking at the world through a different lens.”

Robyn emphasises that “this period pushed and pulled me like no other, driving me to chase new ambitious goals, creating 5 EPs in 24 months … a purpose I am extremely happy to achieve with my ambitious new release The Waking World (a parallel release to my conversant guitar driven repertoire, offering a unique perspective of my creativity and talent that continues my journey forward through the void from my previous releases (Alizarin, Falling Forward, Harbinger and Triptych), and represents a parallel dimension in my Multiverse I call The Alizarin Chronicles”.

“This composition is stripped emotions, inspired by insomniac dreams and my own experiences around life and death. I sat down in a room and much like the songs from Harbinger, just laid it all down, but this time the creative craving tool in front of me was a piano. I am an artist after all, one should be ready for surprise. One could say I may have been colouring with various musical pencils and markers up till now, but that’s never meant I don’t know about or how to paint. So let’s paint! “

Despite her physical challenges as well as the global physical restrictions of Covid the past 14 plus months, Robyn masterfully tuned every opportunity into a distinct advantage, representing South Africa at numerous online festivals, including opening for iconic artists like Venom, Anvil, Rotting Christ and Iron Saviour at the World Of Metal Online Festival in Portugal. Serval more online festivals are planned for 2021, so watch this space!










Robyn Ferguson // The Waking World // EP Review
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