RIVER FURY - 5 Year Plan - EP Review
RIVER FURY - 5 Year Plan - EP Review 8
RIVER FURY - 5 Year Plan - EP Review 8
RIVER FURY - 5 Year Plan - EP Review 8
RIVER FURY - 5 Year Plan - EP Review 8
RIVER FURY - 5 Year Plan - EP Review 8
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River Fury are a four-piece from London, and have just announced their sound to the world in the form of this 5-track EP, 5 Year Plan. The band themselves describe the concept of the EP as revolving around a person who can’t quite get with the idea of settling on a plan for their life, and instead rue it. The lyrical content certainly supports this idea, and as a result the five songs all work with each other to build the overarching story. Each song has its own voice within the piece, spanning more than a few sub-divisions of rock along the way. Alt, Pop, Space and a little Psych are the prefixes on display throughout here – the effect overall lands somewhere near a less-edgy Arctic Monkeys.

Two guitarists working in close tandem, often trading melodies and intricacies make for interesting song development, so much so that the riffs and guitar lines are as hummable as the vocal melodies in some places. Some of the riffs, such as the intro to track four, Comfort is Being Fooledare a little too short lived, when there was a little more space available for them to develop. On the other hand, they certainly avoid any of these elements becoming stale.

Two main vocalists means vocal duties are shared much like the guitar work is, with the two singers operating in pleasing close harmony, sometimes even with extra falsetto mixed over the top. The vocals themselves sound deliberately underproduced, with auto-tune noticeably absent from a few small sections. This is more refreshing than off-putting, leaving a raw, honest delivery. Some of the lyrics are perhaps a little simplistic, or more filler than substance, but these moments are only few.

Rounding out the quartet with the big sound left to fill is the rhythm section, whose scope and capability is best exemplified in the final track Tupelo. The big drum intro and bass-driven verse are infectiously powerful, and hint at a band that could certainly put on a live show to remember.



Peter Bowden


5 Year Plan was released November 30th 2018 via Painted Halo Records


  1. Wasteful
  2. Walking In The Sand
  3. 5 Year Plan
  4. Comfort Is Being Fooled
  5. Tupelo


Patric Nutton – Vocals & guitars
Dan Howe – Vocals & guitars
Callum Hayes – Bass & Vocals
Andy Gallop – Drums


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