Rituals // Show Me The Signs // EP Review


Newcastle-based Modern Metaller’s Rituals are back with their latest release, a 3 Track EP Entitled Show Me The Signs, an EP that aims and succeeds in taking influence from across the band’s vast, well, influences.

It doesn’t take long for the EP to kick off and show exactly what makes Rituals so exciting for Metalcore fans as the title track, Show Me The Signs brings a mix of gorgeous vocals, intoxicating riffs and catchy melodies to the front of the bands sound with a blend of Metalcore and early 2000’s Emo that is sure to hit the spot for anyone who grew up with the likes of early 2010’s Metalcore.

The band’s sheer range and talent doesn’t truly come through until track 2, Oceans Subside, though which brings in the main riff that sounds like it’s ripped straight out of Korn’s Follow The Leader and an explosive chorus that gives goosebumps every time I hear it thanks to the filthy chord progressions and an utterly ridiculous breakdown that is easily a contender for my top 5 breakdowns of the year.

Closing out the EP is the blistering In Devastation that pulls from late 90’s Nu-Metal where drummer Matt Dix shines through with one of the tightest drum performances I’ve heard this year that keeps the track moving at a breakneck pace and brings in elements of older Machine Head and Trivium. An absolutely mind-blowing track and such a memorable end to a short EP.

Rituals have truly crafted something that will pave the way forward for themselves thanks to how they have spectacularly blended a range of genres to create something truly refreshing while being completely familiar to anyone who’s listened to metal over the past 20 years. Show Me The Signs itself is the sign here, the sign that Rituals are going to become one of the most watched bands in the scene. Give this EP a listen, it would be a disservice to yourself not to.


Review: Dan Stapleton


Show Me The Signs Is Out Now!

‘Show Me The Signs’ EP track listing:

1. Show Me The Signs;

2. Oceans Subside;

3. In Devastation.


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