Rising Steel // Fight Them All // Album Review
Rising Steel // Fight Them All // Album Review 9
Rising Steel // Fight Them All // Album Review 9
Rising Steel // Fight Them All // Album Review 9
Rising Steel // Fight Them All // Album Review 9
Rising Steel // Fight Them All // Album Review 9
9Overall Score
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French metallers Rising Steel release their second full album on the 4th of August and if you like your metal on the heavy side with a slice of thrash you’re in for a treat. A combination of old school hard rock/heavy metal with the speed of thrash, they say music moves you; well this most certainly will. “Mystic Voices” opens the album with some serious riffage and pounding drums, when Emmanuelson’s vocals kick in you know he means business, strong and rangy a real mixture of Dio and Dickenson, a cracking track. Title track “Fight Them All” continues the onslaught with the same intensity but a quicker pace, the dual guitars are brilliant and play off each other really well while Emanuelson transports you back in time with some classy vocals. “Steel Hammer” is a whiplash-inducing frenzied affair, from the drum intro to the guitars to the cool chorus and everything in between it is just amazing, if you are not stomping your feet and banging your head there is something wrong with you. “Blackheart” chugs into lifelike something straight off a Metallica album with thick riffs a relentless drumbeat that reverberates right through you, a chorus that is catchy as hell and some nifty guitars make it a great track. “Savage” is another ripper with a Judas Priest feel, Emmanuelson’s vocals are on point big time and the up and down tempo of the drums drive the track while the guitars rock back and forth will a great solo towards the end of the track.

“Gloomy World” starts out like an Eighties horror film with an atmospheric intro before the drums roll in with certain doom, Emanuelson adds to that feeling with his snarling vocals. This track is the turning point in the album that pushes it from good to great. “Malefice” thunders into life with a kicking beat, reminiscent of Testament, and killer guitars are the order of the day here. “Metal Nation” is quite possibly the track of the album, with hints again of Testament, Megadeth, Metallica, and Iron Maiden all thrown in the melting pot resulting in an absolute banger, pummeling drums, riffs out the door, and lyrics that are spit out like venom, this track alone will make your day and will stand up against anything out there at the moment. “Pussy” brings takes things down a notch or two but still kicks ass, it is more of an homage to Eighties hard rock with killer riffs, drums, and hooks that will have you drooling. “Led By Judas” is another kicking track packed full of monster riffs, pulsating drums, and cracking solo with vocals that are off the chain and a real throwback. The album closer “Master Control” is a speed merchant with drums and guitars creating an impressive wall of sound that will have you begging for more an excellent way to finish things off.





  1. Mystic Voices
  2. Fight Them All
  3. Steel Hammer
  4. Blackheart
  5. Savage
  6. Gloomy World
  7. Malefice
  8. Metal Nation
  9. Pussy
  10. Led By Judas
  11. Master Control

Rising Steel are:

Emmanuelson Vocals

Tony Steel Guitars

Steel Zard Drums 

Flo Dust Bass

Mat Heavy JonesGuitar





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