RILEY Unveils Polished New Track “PRADA ME (ft. Marc E. Bassy)”

RILEY Unveils Polished New Track “PRADA ME (ft. Marc E. Bassy)”


Alternative-R&B artist, RILEY is set to share his his sleek single “PRADA ME (ft. Marc E. Bassy” on July 29th via Thriller Records. The track puts forth a futuristic glassy sound, showcasing his versatility.

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“PRADA ME” bares a silky side to music while lacing the song with hints of rock under tones. The track embraces rapper Marc E. Bassy that compliments RILEY’s smooth vocals. “PRADA ME” strategically melds a world of pop and alternative making for an ear pleasing match.


“PRADA ME is about living a life dipped in gold. It’s about living the best of the best and providing that lifestyle for those you love in return for vulnerability and intimacy. Sometimes that’s all we need to get by. ” Says RILEY about the new track.


About RILEY: With alternative-R&B artist RILEY, he proves that appearance isn’t always what viewers get. RILEY is a real part of Los Angeles that people don’t talk about enough. Tattoos, cars, graffiti, and most importantly an unadulterated take on what pop should be. His presence gains attention, but his voice and edge that he’s given to the traditional pop sound is what draws listeners in. While touring with artists like Blackbear, Yung Pinch, and Chase Atlantic, RILEY has developed a cult following of fans that come back for more.

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