RILEY Shares Crisp Single “GUCCI STORE,” Releases New EP, CHANGES

RILEY Shares Crisp Single “GUCCI STORE,” Releases New EP, CHANGES


Alternative-R&B artist, RILEY is set to share his lively new song “GUCCI STORE” on June 30 via Thriller Records. Alongside this release comes RILEY’s new EP, CHANGES out now.

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Preview the song here

“GUCCI STORE” is a notably catchy track that features graceful vocals from Natalie Carr. RILEY highlights fun-flowing lyrics that compliments the overall entertaining nature of the song. The track steps outside of RILEY’S familiar serene sound and creates a party-anthem.

“”GUCCI STORE” is for all the people that are into someone that they shouldn’t be. Sometimes we can’t stop the way someone makes us feel even when the red flags are waving in your face.” Says RILEY about the new track.


“This EP is a way for me to say thank you. Thank you to all my friends and family that have rocked with me since day one. I put a lot of homies on these songs because I wanted to highlight the people that are driving in culture in their perspective niches. Some you may know, some you may not, but they’re all great in their own rites. Thanks for listening.” Says RILEY about the new EP.

CHANGES is out now via Thriller Records. Merchandise is now available.

CHANGES Tracklist

1. “INTRO”
5. “SPACE”

Fans can catch RILEY in support of Yung Pinch, This Time Next Year and The Four this summer. Tickets are now available.


About RILEY: With alternative-R&B artist RILEY, he proves that appearance isn’t always what viewers get. RILEY is a real part of Los Angeles that people don’t talk about enough. Tattoos, cars, graffiti, and most importantly an unadulterated take on what pop should be. His presence gains attention, but his voice and edge that he’s given to the traditional pop sound is what draws listeners in. While touring with artists like Blackbear, Yung Pinch, and Chase Atlantic, RILEY has developed a cult following of fans that come back for more.

Photo Credit: Jordan Kelsey Knight

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