RidingEasy Records postponed & currently shipping releases during Coronavirus

RidingEasy Records postpones some releases, pre-orders will ship as soon as in-stock
Previously announced releases Brown Acid: Tenth Trip, Thomas V. Jäger, Randy Holden, ICE will have new release dates soon
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Los Angeles record label RidingEasy Records has postponed its previously announced upcoming Spring 2020 releases — including digital/streaming formats — until later this year. While a difficult decision, due to shutdown of physical distribution, record stores and considerably delayed pressing plants, this is considered a necessary choice during the Coronavirus pandemic. New release dates will be announced ASAP.
However, all preorders WILL ship as records and CDs are in stock at the label’s webstore. Some formats of upcoming releases are already in the label’s inventory, while others are arriving slowly following reduced production schedules at the pressing plant.
Previously announced delayed releases are the following:
Brown Acid: The Tenth Trip the label’s popular compilation series of rare 60s-70s proto-metal and stoner rock singles (originally scheduled for 4/20.)
Thomas V. Jäger Solitary Plan — solo debut by Monolord singer/guitarist, an emotionally heavy outing of acoustic & synth-based tunes. (Originally scheduled for May 8th.)
Randy Holden Population II — remastered reissue of what’s widely considered the first ever doom album (contemporaneously with Black Sabbath’s 1970 debut) by ex-Blue Cheer guitarist. CDs are in stock & up on all digital/streaming platforms. (Vinyl release originally scheduled for April 10th.)
ICE The Ice Age — previously unreleased 50-year-old recording by Brown Acid series standouts is a psychedelic hard rock/pop masterpiece at last seeing light of day, assuming the world doesn’t end tomorrow. (Originally scheduled for May 15th.)
Interviews with label founder Daniel Hall are available to discuss the crisis music business and RidingEasy in general. Read this insightful discussion with Tzvi Gluckin’s Plus One Me HERE.
Interviews with all current RidingEasy artists are available as well, please get in touch. Reviews and other coverage greatly appreciated.
New releases to be announced for later this year include new albums by Portland street doom band R.I.P., instrumental stoner-rockers The Death Wheelers, and L.A. melodic heavy rock band Deathchant.

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