Riding The Growing Buzz, The Blood Republic Release Explosive New Single ‘Circles’

After supporting Iron Maiden and playing multiple Download Festival slots with his previous band Wild Lies, Zak Muller begins a fresh venture with his new band

The Blood Republic offering a bold re-imagining of the grunge genre.

The Blood Republic was launched in September 2018 with debut single ‘Ditch‘ which ended up generating the band over 11,000 followers on their Facebook page in just two months. Since then the band has been relentlessly releasing great music which has been pulling them in a loyal fanbase of daily listeners along with features on Total Rock,Only Rock Radio and Maximum Volume among many others.

Likened to Trent Reznor and Rob Zombie. Zak Muller has taken a similar one man band approach, writing and recording all of the music himself as well creating the bands music videos, album covers and merchandise. The Blood Republic makes itself known as a band that sets itself apart from its contemporaries.

New single ‘Circles’ will be released December 6th with it’s accompanying music video set to officially drop a week after on December 13th.

“This single is heavy, catchy, and drives itself into your brain like a velvet ice pick. I like this… a lot… and look forward to more from Zak & co in the future.”


“Leaning towards heavy rock with some grunge and groove touches. The track has some sleazy vibes in the verses that send a tingle through the body. Whereas the powerful chorus is like an electric bolt to be brain. Balanced impressively, the rhythm will get the body moving back and forth. A classy heavy rock tune.”


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