Ricky (Western Settings, Hey Chels) Releases Debut Solo Album ‘Palm Trees’- Out Now

Ricky (Western Settings, Hey Chels) Releases Debut Solo Album ‘Palm Trees’

Out Now

Produced By Tyson “Chicken” Annicharico of Dead To Me; Mastered by Nick Townsend

“Acoustically strummed and brimming with tones of folk and dream pop, “New Day” is a cool and catchy number that brings together sunny Beach Boys harmonies with twangy soul and lo-fi garage grooves. Lyrically, the song is an optimistic and resilient statement about progress. Its message of progress marching on despite the obstacles that get in the way speaks directly to our frustrating times when many if not most of us know society is moving in a better direction but is being held back by power-hungry bigots who refuse to give up the past.”- Glide Magazine

“…crunchy power pop… if you’re into stuff like Weezer and Superdrag and Nada Surf, you should check this out.”- Brooklynvegan

“…songs that are big and expansive, yet poppy, bouncy, and darkly bright…”- Jersey Beat

…”broody …with gliding chords and echo-drenched choruses…”- Aupium

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Photo Credit: Erik Caballero

San Diego, CA musician RICKY (aka Ricky Schmidt) writer/singer/bassist of Western Settings and writer/bassist in Hey, Chels, has just dropped his debut solo album ‘Palm Trees,’ which is now streaming everywhere.

Featuring 11 tracks of dreamy, unconventional indie pop, the album was produced by Tyson “Chicken” Annicharico of Dead To Me, engineered by Brandon Mericle, mixed by Scott Goodrich, and features drums by Shane Hendry and vocals/co-writing by Ricky’s partner and Hey, Chels bandmate Jax.

Ricky says, “‘Palm Trees’ encompasses mid-2019 to pretty much the present time for me. I leaned hard into this project to keep me sane during this crazy year and the content is very much so relevant to the year 2020. I feel like I’m not alone in feeling the way I do. I wrote this record to remedy those feelings for myself and I hope that maybe someone will be able to listen to these songs and feel good when they do.”

‘Palm Trees’ physical/vinyl available now via Bandcamp, with an instant download of the songs: https://rickysmusic.bandcamp.com/releases

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‘Palm Trees’ Track Listing:

1. Bored

2. Hot Summer

3. Spare Me

4. New Day

5. Escape Artist

6. Like a Cult

7. SickSickSix

8. Vietnam

9. Social Me

10. You’re Mean

11. Names

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