Ricky Warwick // When Life Was Hard & Fast // Album Review


Ricky Warwick’s eighth album drops on the 19th of February, an eleven song mix of good old rock’n’roll and stripped back acoustic.

Title track “When Life Was Fast & Hard” gets proceedings underway and for those uninitiated you would be forgiven for thinking you are listening to a Thin Lizzy or latterly Black Star Riders song, with a big drum beat and duelling guitars that rock big time and with Joe Elliott on backing vocals just add to the mix. “You Don’t Love Me” is another big track with smooth vocals and equally smooth guitars backed by a kicking drum beat, with a brilliant solo from Luke Morley of Thunder fame, a great song that really flows.

“I’d Rather Be Hit” starts out with a siren-like guitar riff before the drums blast their way to the fore, a track with a great rhythm that is so infectious you will not be able to keep your feet still, with a funky bass line as the songs close gives it the kick it needs, one of the best tracks on the album. “Gunslinger” is a straight-up rocker pumped up to 10, guitars, drums and bass absolutely smash it out of the park as Warwick gives a hard rock vocal master class, sheer brilliance.

If you thought the previous track was fast, then hold on to your hat because “Never Corner A Rat” is like it’s juiced up cousin with a serious punk attitude, kicking bass and drums beats, cool riffs with a kick-ass solo, a killer track. “Time Don’t Seem To Matter” slows the pace right down with a nice acoustic song, Warwick’s silky voice is great and he is ably assisted by his daughter, Pepper. “Fighting Heart” is a true rock’n’roll track packed with solid riffs, pounding drums and a cool solo that will have you banging your head and pumping your fist in the air, a killer tune. “I Don’t Feel At Home” is a slow acoustic song that has hints of Springsteen and Dylan, a real showcase of Warwick’s vocal talents.

“Still Alive” kicks ass from the get-go with its thumping drums, heavy bass and a groovy sliding riff that powers the track added to that a really catchy chorus and you have yourself one hell of a tune. “Clown Of Misery” is a folksy acoustic type song that will seem a little out of place on initial listening but after multiple listens it fits right in seamlessly. “You’re My Rock’n’Roll” opens with a brief phone call between Ricky and Keith discussing the “decline” of rock’n’roll before launching into a high paced foot-stomping rocker with attitude and is the perfect way to close out an excellent album.


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1. When Life Was Hard and Fast 4:08

2. You Don’t Love Me 4:22
3. I’d Rather Be Hit 4:09
4. Gunslinger 2:12

5. Never Corner A Rat 3:02
6. Time Don’t Seem To Matter 4:00

7. Fighting Heart 3:18
8. I Don’t Feel At Home 5:07
9. Still Alive 3:30
10. Clown Of Misery 2:34
11. You’re My Rock ‘n Roll 3:16

“When Life Was Hard & Fast” is out on the 19th of February via Nuclear Blast.

Ricky Warwick are

Ricky Warwick                     Vocals/Guitar

Robert Crane                       Bass

Xavier Muriel                       Drums

Keith Nelson                        Guitar


Special guest appearance by

Joe Elliott                  Def Leppard

Andy Taylor             Duran Duran

Dizzy Reed                Guns’n’Roses






Ricky Warwick // When Life Was Hard & Fast // Album Review
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