Ricky Mendoza Captures the Human Spirit in Powerful New Album “The New Hurt”

Ricky Mendoza Captures the Human Spirit in Powerful New Album “The New Hurt”

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August 13, 2021. After breaking a five-year hiatus to return to music with the captivating singles “Lauve” and “I Just Died,” today Ricky Mendoza delivers his new album “The New Hurt,” his first full-length release since 2016.

Self-produced during the pandemic, “The New Hurt” is a cathartic release for the Austin-based folk-punk artist, offering lush instrumentation that sees him exploring new territory. On this album, Mendoza has achieved incredible depth by balancing ambient reverb with commanding guitars and percussion, creating a tone of inspiring resilience that finds itself carefully woven between the layers of each track.

Abundant in rich lyrical storytelling, “The New Hurt” encourages listeners to view life through Mendoza’s eyes as he begins a blossoming romance while grieving the loss of loved ones.

“5 years of stories told in 32 minutes,” Mendoza says. “It’s been 5 years since the last album and my journey so far has had a lot of joy, love, pain, sorrow, and all the feels of what life should be. Most lyrics are from that time in my life, about processing the death of family members and friends, about throwing myself into a new relationship without a safety net, and about motivating myself to keep persevering.”

Over the course of 11 stunning songs, “The New Hurt” prompts listeners to push forward, even in times of anguish, and includes the gritty, energetic opener “Move.” With upbeat percussive rhythms and raw folk-style acoustic guitar, “Move” details the reluctance we can feel when we’re afraid to take action, but reminds us that when we find something that inspires us to grow through the pain, we can conquer the internal battle that holds us back. This persistent energy is threaded throughout the album, evident in every track.

A veteran creative with a bold voice and a talent for powerful lyricism, Ricky Mendoza is fearless in his examination of the most profound encounters of the human soul, tapping into his own life story to relate to his audience and inviting fans to experience the full spectrum of emotions that our time on this earth brings with it.

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