RICKY HIMSELF releases new single & video “F’d Up (but it’s true)” out 7th April 2021

RICKY HIMSELF releases new single & video

“F’d Up (but it’s true)” out 7th April 2021

Ricky Himself’ has today released a brand new single, “F’d Up (but it’s true)” on Alamo Records). 

“The song is written from the perspective of an ex, kind of like how I’d imagine she’d break down the harsh realities of our relationship. It makes it easier for me to empathise with someone if I try to write myself into their shoes.” Says Ricky Himself

Listen to the brand new track HERE or to view the video click the image below.

After more than five years of making music in a spectrum of styles and genres, the Alamo Records artist tapped into something resonant when he channelled the pop-punk of his youth, adding a satirical and self-aware twist.

His next body of work (coming soon), which includes the recent critically claimed single “I Know You Like Black Flag” and collaboration with Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus, drives home this vision and creative breakthrough. “I know this stuff; I grew up on this,” he says. “If anybody is the person to deliver this kind of music, it’s me.”

Grabbing from different cultures is a constant in Ricky Anthony’s life. He is the product of biracial parents, each of Mexican and white descent. While Ricky had cousins entrenched in South Central gang life, his father skated in the same Venice Beach circles as the Zephyr Skate Team OG’s Jay Adams and Tony Alva, documented in ​Dogtown and Z-Boys​.

Skating led Ricky to his tribe, and gave way to music. By his mid-teens, he was as obsessed with studying punk, rap, and pop music as he was skating around the San Fernando Valley. Influenced by Future’s just-released ​DS2​, Ricky tried his hand at music in 2015 and by the late 2010s, Ricky Anthony had dropped out of college and gone head-first.

“We kept getting slowly more alternative over time,” he says. “We landed on this sound.” That sound revived the Y2K pop-punk movement, adding Ricky’s vision for nostalgia and belief that culture recycles every 20 years.

Ricky Himself is a pop-culture sponge who is wringing out a unique sound and vision for the 2020s.

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RICKY HIMSELF –  “F’d Up (but it’s true)”  (Official Music Video)