Richard Marx // Limitless // Album Review
Richard Marx // Limitless // Album Review 8
Richard Marx // Limitless // Album Review 8
Richard Marx // Limitless // Album Review 8
Richard Marx // Limitless // Album Review 8
Richard Marx // Limitless // Album Review 8
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So this wouldn’t be the run of the mill review that we would normally carry here over at Rock ’N’ Load as we tend to lean towards the Rock end of the spectrum, but when the name came across my desk one Mr. Richard Marx, yes that Mr. Richard Marx, I had to admit I was kinda curious. 

A blast from the past for sure as I am a man of a certain age, which I am not ashamed to admit especially as I am aging like a fine wine if I may say so myself! I digress, anywho, Richard Marx is back with his latest offering Limitless via BMG. The original plan was for the album to land and be dovetailed by UK dates but alas our world has changed and that end of things set aside, the album dropped internationally Feb 7th so some of you out there may already be enjoying Mr. Marx at his finest. 

Richard returns after six years with a new label and a new love in his life and feeling rejuvenated he has written an album to announce the next chapter in his life both personally and professionally, the album opens with a highly addictive and enjoyable number in ‘Another On Down’ which sets the stall beautifully for the rest of the album. No shortfall in quality here, Marx as well as a highly successful artist has long-time been producing and writing music for other artists, so first and foremost there isn’t a weak song on the album. Co-written in part by Sara Bareilles and his son Lucas Marx and wife Daisy Fuentes there is a fresh and energetic sound to Limitless.

There is a very cohesive sound throughout which resonates with you as the album ebb’s and flows effortlessly carrying you on a wave of acoustic electronica and emotive songwriting to lift the mood in these very uncertain times. There is no shortage of quality throughout the album but tracks like All Along and Front Row Seat catch the ear and eye and immediately resonate, Marx’s unique vocal delivery and sound is infectious and easy on the ear, whilst the likes on ‘Not In Love’ with Marx solo on the piano really showcases the quality within. 

All in all, twelve tracks of melodic magic by a master craftsman delivered in time for a world in isolation and in need of one serious pick me up. 


Limitless is available now via BMG and through all purveyors of fine music, digital or otherwise. 


Limitless Tracklisting:

Another One Down 


Love Affair That Lasts Forever

Let Go 

All Along

Up All Night 

Front Row Seat 

Strong Enough 

Not In Love 

Break My Heart Tonight 

The Last Thing I Wanted 

This One

Pre-order ‘Limitless’ here:

UK tour dates in April

April 2 & 3 – Union Chapel – London, UK // Postponed

April 4 – The Queen’s Hall – Edinburgh, UK // Postponed

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