Revolution Saints // Rise // Album Review
Revolution Saints // Rise // Album Review 10
Revolution Saints // Rise // Album Review 10
Revolution Saints // Rise // Album Review 10
Revolution Saints // Rise // Album Review 10
Revolution Saints // Rise // Album Review 10
10Overall Score
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Back with a third installment is Revolution Saints with their own twist on melodic rock and what an album it is.

The combined talents of Deen Castronovo, Jack Blades and Doug Aldrich give anyone still harking back to the good old days of 80’s rock a serious trip down memory lane. The opening track “When The Heartache Has Gone” is a straight-up Journey song with live wire guitars, keyboard, and drums along with Castronovo’s melodies it will have you bopping along in no time and some serious shredding from Doug it exactly what you want from an opener.

“Price We Pay” continues in much the same fashion but more guitar-driven with plenty of riffs and a solo that will leave you drooling. Title track “Rise” is a little heavier and edgier than its predecessors, a Damn Yankees vibe is on this big time and will have you banging your head and blasting your air guitar to your heart’s content. “Coming Home” is an 80’s movie lover’s wet dream packed full of great harmonies, brilliant drums, bass, and guitars, it could easily be the soundtrack to a Jean Claude Van Damme movie.

“Closer” is slower with a mellow feel that will pass you by initially on the first couple of plays but believe me it grows on you, great track. “Higher” picks the pace up much the same way as “Rise” does in that it’s a real rocker a real foot stomper. “Talk To Me” is back to melodic rock at its best with the vocal talents of Lunakaire added to the mix it just lifts that much more. “It’s Not The End”(It’s Just The beginning) is another grower that takes a few listens before it actually hits you how good it is, with a driving drum beat and some glorious guitars. “Million Miles” is an upbeat rocker that grabs you from the start and keeps your attention, the vocal talents of Casrtonovo are undeniable and he really gives it all here.

“Win Or Lose” picks up right where the previous track left off while topping it with crashing drums, crushing melodies and ripper guitar from Doug Aldrich. The album closes with “Eyes Of A Child” a ballad that is a pretty apt way to finish off an excellent album





1.  When The Heartache Has Gone

2.  Price To Pay

3.  Rise

4.  Coming Home

5.  Closer

6.  Higher

7.  Talk To Me

8.  It’s Not The End (It’s Just The Beginning)

9.  Million Miles

10.Win Or Lose

11.Eyes Of A Child



Deen Castronovo: lead vocals, drums

Jack Blades: bass, vocals

Doug Aldrich: guitars


Alessandro Del Vecchio: keyboards, backing vocals,

Lunakaire: guest vocals on “Talk to Me”

Produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio



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