Restless Leg Release New Single and Announce New Album “THE WORLD’S A ROOM”

“Sounds great. Strong vocals and the music rolls along with a delightful Batsian feel reminiscent of Daddy’s Highway era.”Paul Kean (The Bats)
Photography by Joshua Morris Photography
After a triumphant return to the stage in 2021, and the release of ‘The Wheel It Turns, Sydney band Restless Leg release ‘The World’s A Room’, the second single from their forthcoming new album Dream Buffet (June 11th).
The opening track to the new album, the single is an infectious, hook-laden slice of jangly guitar pop, reminiscent of the heady sounds of New Zealand band The Bats and their numerous Australian contemporaries trading in melodic indie rock. Premiered online with Backseat Mafia and on Jack Off on FBi 94.5FM, the song is the perfect introduction to Dream Buffet, the band’s third LP.

Restless Leg cement themselves in the pantheon of antipodean jangle indie rock with this glorious single. It has a classical guitar-based sparkle with a shimmer and verve that works antithetically with the air of melancholy infused in the vocals and the call and response chorus.” – Arun Kendall (Backseat Mafia)

“This was the last song written for Dream Buffet, at the height of the COVID-lockdown in Sydney in 2020. It was probably around the same time that D.C. Cross released his record of classical guitar compositions (Terabithian) of which he said ‘were not at all concerned with the current social state [i.e. the pandemic]. Total escapism through music’. In stark contrast ‘The World’s A Room’ stares directly into the time-bending tic-toc of lockdown and invites you to dance, by yourself, to some Flying Nun compilation tape you dug out from the early-1990s. It kinda comes at the same problem, but from a different angle,” explains the band’s songwriter, Ben Chamie.

It’s one of those songs that sways and bobs with freewheeling exuberance, another gem from a band that has mastered the recipe for mixing spirit and verve with poetry, guitars, hooks and melodies.

“There is a definite Vehicle era definite The Clean style in the guitar work, as isolated riffs of crisp, glaring jangle, dart within the general aura of very slight malaise. It would be a fractious, almost disparate union of styles, if it was not something that decades of Antipodeans have made the desirable norm.” – Janglepophub

Since forming in 2012, Restless Leg have harnessed their influences (The Go-Betweens, The Clean, Bob Dylan and The Velvet Underground) and created an evolving Antipodean indie rock sound that captures the memories and ever-changing experiences of suburban Sydney.

Dream Buffet is Restless Leg’s first new music since the release of their second album Some Kind of Restless in 2017. That album, and their subsequent live shows with new guitarist Adam Taylor, showcased the band’s broadened palette of sound, building on the jangly six-string guitars that riff and chime through Ben Chamie‘s songs and the interwoven beats and bass lines of the rhythm section – Jared Harrison (drummer) and bassist Fiona Whalley (bassist).

The new album was recorded over five days at Lost Sound Recording Studio in the inner-Sydney suburb of Marrickville and produced by Jamie Hutchings (Bluebottle Kiss, Infinity Broke). A host of guest musicians added flute, recorder, piano, organ and violin to the guitars, bass, drums, Casio keyboard, shakers, handclaps and other percussion instruments played by the band members themselves.

Chamie recalls that “when Jamie heard the demo recordings of the new songs, he thought the acoustic guitars sounded great. Especially when they were loud and driving like any of the tracks from Bob Dylan’s Blonde On Blonde and the 12-string acoustic on ‘Anything Could Happen’ by seminal Flying Nun band The Clean. You can hear a 12-string acoustic clanging its way through ‘The World’s A Room’ and ‘Caught The Corner’.”

Elsewhere, ‘Breathe In Breathe Out’ takes a dark and psychedelic dive into rhythmic mantras and chugging guitars, ‘Of Timber and Tiling’ is a pastoral country shuffle complete with harmonica, while the wonderfully titled ‘I Have No Choice I’m A Tree’ combines twangy noir riffs with flute-augmented folk rock. The overarching sonic glue that connects the songs is Restless Leg’s melancholic sparkle and shine that permeates the dozen pop nuggets on the album.

Equal parts Flying Nun indie-rock, Velvet Underground inspired drone and shambolic Pavement-tinged country, Restless Leg have conjured a smorgasbord of imagery, stories, poetry, half-baked schemes and overcooked memories to fully realise the character and eccentricities of the songs that comprise Dream Buffet.

1. The World’s A Room
2. Oblivion Banjo
3. Caught The Corners
4. A Song About A Song
5. The Wheel It Turns
6. In A Mirror Life
7. I Have No Choice I Am A Tree
8. Some Tricks
9. Breathe In Breathe Out
10. Of Timber And Tiling
11. Forever Follows You
12. A King’s Canopy


Ben Chamie – vocals, guitars
Adam Taylor – guitars
Fiona Whalley – bass, vocals
Jared Harrison – drums

Written and composed by Ben Chamie / Restless Leg (control)

Produced by Jamie Hutchings
Engineered by David Akerman
Mixed by Tim Kevin at Tempe River Studio
Recorded at Lost Sound Recording Studio

Mastered at Hanzsek Audio

Album cover art by Cameron Emerson-Elliott and Ben Chamie / Restless Leg

Restless Leg formed when former bandmates guitarist/vocalist Ben Chamie (Peabody) and drummer Jared Harrison (Peabody, Infinity Broke, Bluebottle Kiss), found themselves at a musical loose end. With long-time friend Fiona Whalley (The Exile Co.) recruited on bass, RL was born, debuting on a Saturday in March 2012 at a party in an Erskineville backyard, with less than two weeks of rehearsals under their belts.Constant gigging through the rest of that year shaped a sound built on lean and direct song arrangements recalling classic Antipodean indie rockers such as The Go-Betweens and The Clean.

The band released their self-titled debut in June 2013 and follow up album Some Kind of Restless in October 2017. It features richer production than their debut and takes in a broader sweep of musical influences, from The Pixies to The Black Lips, Stereolab and The Chills.

Like their debut album, the follow-up also summoned some sepia-toned reminiscences of the past yet this new batch of songs clearly weren’t cooked up in the mind of some coddled rock star. Rather, they were gleaned from the tedium, elation, reward and disappointment of a life lived in the real world and reflected in the grainy photograph of the red-brick house on the album’s cover.

With the addition of guitarist Adam Taylor (Sam Shinazzi Band) the album was launched with the help of brilliant Sydney indie rockers Hoolahan and up and comers Moody Beach. Subsequent shows included the South by South Coast Festival headlined by Custard and gigs at various places with the likes of Victoria (feat. members of Smudge, Youth Group and Songs) and teen sensations The Nagging Doubts.

Backed by a dizzying video shot on an iPhone, both the song and the clip are a mesmerising example of what makes a group like Restless Leg as impossible to ignore as their namesake.” – Tyler Jenke Tone Deaf (on ‘The Wheel It Turns’)

The track is full of boundless energy and pop sensibilities with anthemic choruses, jangling guitars and an inherent joie de vivre.” Arun Kendall Backseat Mafia (on ‘The Wheel It Turns’)

“…wry, understated guitar-pop.” – Mess & Noise

Lyrically, Chamie has mined a suburban youth for inspiration and created something that evokes a particular time and place.” – Michael Smith, The Music

“Restless Leg, showcases a band that channeling that suburban anger into something raw visceral yet comforting. There’s a pop sensibility to many of the tracks here.” – The Dwarf (on Restless Leg)

I love how the melodies and arrangements perfectly complement the raw emotion of the lyrics. The songs are mellow yet upbeat while sounding extremely real and authentic.” – Divide and Conquer (on Restless Leg)

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