Sony Music are thrilled to announce that REO Speedwagon’s classic US #1 single ‘Can’t Fight This Feeling’ has been chosen as the coveted John Lewis Christmas advert song.

Tugging at the heart-strings has always been a big part of the John Lewis adverts and this track is no different.  Written in 1984 by REO Speedwagonvocalist Kevin Cronin (who also wrote many of the band’s other hits including ‘Keep On Loving You’), the track is about Cronin’s struggle to express himself and his usual way of dealing with things by keeping everything bottled up inside.

The power-ballad originally appeared on the band’s Wheels Are Turnin’ album. The track is the biggest single by the band and reached easily its biggest global audience when REO Speedwagon played it at Live Aid, celebrating it being #1 in the US at that point.

This new interpretation is by Bastille with the band’s Dan Smith’s powerful vocals helping to tell the story of the hapless Excitable Edgar the Dragon as he tries to win over his fellow townsfolk after accidentally burning down the Christmas tree.

Cronin is incredibly proud to have the track chosen to be used in this year’s campaign by the store: “We are honoured that John Lewis chose our track for their Christmas advert. We love Dan Smith’s version of our song and are pleased to have it star in this campaign, which now becomes the soundtrack to everybody’s Christmas preparations.”

‘Can’t Fight This Feeling’ has appeared in various versions over the years in such diverse shows as Glee, South Park, Stranger Things, American Horror Story and, as a duet between Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin, in the movie Rock Of Ages.

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