REMAINS // Grind ‘Til Death // Album Review


Grinding all the way from Melbourne Death Metal/Grindcore powerhouse Remains who only formed in 2019 &

featuring members of Blood Duster, Captain Cleanoff, The Kill, Fuck

I’m Dead, King, The Day Everything Became Nothing has created an album that surpasses the death/grind genre.

“Grind ‘Til Death” is formed of 18 tracks full of relentless energy, and furious power & hitting a deep well of genres within the extreme metal realm.

“Remainiacs Arise” is a haunting & nausea-inducing intro track. Industrial elements with heavily distorted samples make this opening a stern & epic beginning.

Quickly after “Bloodthirst” crashes in with a black-metal-esque tremolo riff before the band quick attacks with a Napalm Death-style grinding section. This first track shows the melding of genres that Remains have in its arsenal.

“Intercorpse” is a full-on banger. A chorus with an old-school death metal thumping sound, mixed with the frantic grinding the band play so well this track is one of the early front runners for best on the album.

Quickly following “Shot Dead” shows the calibre of songwriting & also the album’s production. Mixed and mastered by Joe Haley (Psycroptic) the album has that nice balance. Clear & crisp sounding but still raw & thick. Most grind albums want to be as noisy as possible. Not here, everyone’s instrument is here & shows just how seasoned the band are as musicians.

In the latter half of the album tracks like “Bludgeoned To Death” &  “Stripped To The Bone” shows that the band can write tracks that are 100% full throttle as well create interesting song breaks, slower sections & very memorable riffs.

Grind ‘Til Death is a fantastic album. Not only a top-notch grind album but an album that melds all the best genres to culminate into an album that is a great first album statement! Remains have created a death/grind titan here.

Joseph Mitchell

Grind ‘Til Death is out on 15th July 2022 via Spikerot Records (World) / Disdain Records (Australia)


01. Remainiacs Arise

02. Bloodthirst

03. The Butcher

04. You’re On Fire

05. Intercorpse

06. Shot Dead

07. Body In The Bin

08. Like Death

09. Lords Of Grind

10. Bleed For Me

11. Human Brodo

12. Bludgeoned To Death

13. Wrapped In Silk

14. Stripped To The Bone

15. Groganator

16. Beast Of Belanglo

17. Church Of Bones

18. Remains

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