Relics Of Humanity - Obscuration - EP Review
Relics Of Humanity - Obscuration - EP Review9
Relics Of Humanity - Obscuration - EP Review9
Relics Of Humanity - Obscuration - EP Review9
Relics Of Humanity - Obscuration - EP Review9
Relics Of Humanity - Obscuration - EP Review9
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From Belarus, Relics Of Humanity bring their latest 6 track Brutal Death Metal EP to the world and have worked with some of the biggest names in the genre to make this as brutal as possible. Having been mastered by Joe Cincotta, who has worked with Suffocation, Internal Bleeding and The Black Dahlia Murder, utilising A.J. Magana (Defeated Sanity and ex-Disgorge) on vocals and a guest slot on bass for Suffocation and Decrepit Births Derek Boyer, this EP isn’t here to make up the numbers.

‘Retson Retap’ provides the intro that lends itself to the feeling of impending intensity and some anxiety around the nature of what is next, we son find out as the crescendo of cymbals finishes and leads into the first proper track ‘Ana Kihu Alamu’ which has the previously mentioned Derek Boyer providing additional bass, however the initial thing that hits at the beginning of the track is the speed and power of the drumming, then the guttural vocal smashes you in the face for good measure. If you were under any illusion around the level of brutality that Relics Of Humanity are bringing, you certainly wont be for long. The sounds of blast beats and guitars providing a musical monstrosity.

‘When Darkness Consumes God’s Throne’ swiftly follows up with more of the same, high speed, crippling intensity and pure brutality, the likes of which is often attempted however rarely reached. The drums rarely pause and when they do there is another source of punishment taking their place as the anticipation builds before being hit with a whacker plate of incredible music again.

‘Whipped The Curse’ comes along next to whisk up the already splattered remains left in this EP’s wake, and with the its occasional slower sections, this allows the true sound of the guitars, drums and that incredible vocal to be fully appreciated before it continues to liquify your ear drums.

‘Legion Of The Unbowed’ is the penultimate track, as by this point you have given in to any kind of resistance against the brutality and just accept that this is a form of beating that not only is very pleasurable, is also of very high quality and includes a slight Slam influence.

‘Stench Of Burning Heavens’ closes the EP and leaves you feeling delightfully unclean as it bluntly pummels at your already mashed up brain and ear drums before you find yourself pressing pay again for another 17 minutes of outstanding Brutal Death Metal.

This is an absolute beast of an album and sets the bar extremely high for not only themselves but also other Brutal Death Metal bands wanting to make an impact. Relics Of Humanity have created an EP that will leave shockwaves that are felt very far away.

Ed Ford

Obscuration is released February 22nd 2019 via WIllowtip Records.

Track Listing

  1. Retson Retap
  2. Ana Kihu Alamu (feat. Derek Boyer)
  3. When Darkness Consumes God’s Throne
  4. Whipping The Cursed
  5. Legion Of The Unbowed
  6. Stench Of Burning Heavens



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