Reissue: Gramma Vedetta – A.C.I.D Compliant – Collector Edition Tape.

We are super excited to announce that Mandrone Records will re-issue A.C.I.D Compliant, the latest EP of the sci-fi heavy rockers Gramma Vedetta.

Exactly one year after its release in digipack (currently sold out), the EP will be released on tape on the 3rd of August.

The musicassette of A.C.I.D. Compliant will be enclosed in a special case with an updated graphics as a tribute to the packaging of late ’80s video games cartridges.

A.C.I.D Compliant is a 4-tracks little gem that broadens the sound of our previous release and adds a stronger sci-fi atmosphere to music and artwork.
We’re so excited about this re-issue, as it completes the story around our album, which has been released one year ago alongside A.C.I.D The Game,” says the band, who is currently mixing the new album.
The release will be available exclusively via the Mandrone Records store and Bandcamp profile, in a limited-edition of 25 copies, something which will make fans, collectors and nostalgics of retro gaming very happy.
The tape won’t have side A and Side B. Instead, the band opted for more evocative names:

Side 2020 contains the first four songs of the EP as played and recorded in 2020 (as the name says), and on Side 1989 you’ll find the tunes re-written and re-arranged as 8bit/16bit chip-tunes.

To celebrate this release, Mandrone Records and Gramma Vedetta teamed up with MrDoom666 for the exclusive premiere of the lyric video of the song “Porthole” from A.C.I.D Compliant 

The premiere will be on MrDoom666’s Youtube channel on the 3rd of August, 2 PM CET.

Find Gramma Vedetta here: Records useful links:
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