The Reed Effect – A Strange Curiosity – EP (2017)
For fans of Kyuss, Truckfighters, Monster Truck, Stone Temple Pilots, Led Zeppelin
Release Date: November 10, 2017
Label: Self-Release

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“Seasoned musicians who bring a big sound and serious rock swagger” – Exclaim!
“A revival and reinterpretation of the classic grunge rock sound” – The Scene Magazine
“The Reed Effect are a hard rocking trio from Toronto who have a deliciously dirty grunge sound with masses of attitude and a smattering of blues…Full of heavy grooves, hard skin thrashing, buckets of dynamic riffs and boundless energy…The tracks stay in your head with so many catchy hooks they reel you in. ‘A Strange Curiosity’ is not so strange, It’s hard, it’s heavy and more importantly it’s very good.” – Down Front Media
Video – No Way Out of Here – Directed/Edited by Drummer Bryan Fontez

Track Listing:
1. Down In Here (3:00)
2. Get In Line (3:09)
3. Red Rover (3:41)
4. Leave It All Behind (3:47)
5. No Way Outta Here (2:55)
6. Still Want You (4:09)
EP Length: 20:45
Album Credits:
• All songs performed by: The Reed Effect
• All songs written by: The Reed Effect
• Produced by: The Reed Effect
• Mixed by: Ross Hayes Citrullo (JJ and The Pillars, Julian Taylor Band, Levi Stephens, Maccie Paquette, Rynheart)
• Mastered by: Connor Salmoral
• Album Artwork by: Brett Wright (com)
• Photos taken by: Ryan Abramowitz
• Members of SOCAN
• Music is Canadian Content (MAPL)
• Album And Live Band Line Up: Kirk Reed (Vocals, Guitar), Chris Reed (Bass), Bryan Fontez (Drums)
2017 – A Strange Curiosity
2016 – The Reed Effect
Shared Stage w/:
Jeff Martin of The Tea Party, The Wild, The Road Heavy, Die Mannequin.
Tours and Festivals:
2017 – Indie Music Week – Toronto, On 
2017 – Canadian Music Week – Toronto, On
2017 – Guinness World Record Attempt – Stouffville, On
2016 – Canadian Music Week – Toronto, On
2016 – Indie Music Week – Toronto, On
2016 – East Coast Acoustic Tour
2015 – Canadian Music Week – Toronto On
2015 – Indie Music Week – Toronto, On
2014 – Canadian Music Week – Toronto On
2014 – Indie Music Week – Toronto, On
2013 – Indie Music Week – Toronto, On
2013 – Canadian Music Week – Toronto, On


If Nirvana and The Doors had a love child, who was then raised in the desert taking hits of acid with Frank Zappa, you’d likely end up with a band that sounds as oddly unique as The Reed Effect.
Hailing from Toronto, and having spent the last several years proudly cutting their teeth in the scummiest venues north of the border, The Reed Effect have been warping minds with their lyrics, shaking hips with their riffs and assaulting all five senses with an onslaught of progressively addictive rock hooks that pull from grunge, metal and blues. Having been tapped as support for bands like Jeff Martin of The Tea Party, The Wild and Die Mannequin, The Reed Effect have been leaving their unique brand of stinkface-inducing, schizophrenic rock lingering in the air of venues across Canada since day one.
Founding member and lead man Kirk Reed, along with his brother Chris on bass and drummer Bryan Fontez form a rock n’ roll power trio that’s built like a brick shit-house. With their new album “A Strange Curiosity” ready to drop later this year and the bar set higher than ever, the band has never been more proud of the heavy grooves they’re about unleash.
If you’re into the kind of guitar riffs that scar you for life, bass lines that vibrate your skull and a drummer who hits so hard he should be convicted of instrumental murder, do yourself a favour and check out The Reed Effect, like a solid shit, you’ll be oddly satisfied.
The Reed Effect is:

Kirk Reed (Vocals, Guitar), Chris Reed (Bass), Bryan Fontez (Drums)

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