Redwood Hill announce new album to complete their emotionally sombre trilogy.


The new decade kicks off in the best of ways for all Redwood Hill fans out there.
The Danish band welcomes the new year with a long awaited announcement. They are in fact going to release a new album this year, the missing piece to complete their trilogy, a monumental work
portraying an individual’s journey through different stages of emotional downfall.

The post metal / hardcore ensemble’s new album is called “Ender”. The title includes all the elements the listeners will find in this piece of work. The cycle will finally meet its end, a perfect closing effort that the band has been aspiring to both in terms of the conceptual elements exposed in the record and in terms of production.

Redwood Hill says:

We decided early on that we wanted this album, the final chapter of our trilogy, to be a double album – A grand finale of sorts. The efforts required to write and record this behemoth of a record, threatened to end the band several times. However, even in the face of adversity, we feel like we have managed to achieve what we wanted; an album that combines the best of our earlier releases and adds new layers. Listeners of Descender and Collider will find many aspects of Ender familiar – but further exploring and accentuating the elements that we feel makes a good Redwood Hill record.”

Ender is going to conclude the trilogy which saw Descender (2012) and Collider (2014) open up and develop the concept behind it. Immersion, conflict, resolution. “Descender”, “Collider”, “Ender”.

This reveals how deep the band is willing to dig into human’s nature and soul to extract the essence of a profound, cathartic experience, centered around loss, solitude, depression and exclusion. All rooted in personal experience but with an abstract take, meant to invite listeners to create their own narrative.

The band teamed up with Patrick Fragtrup at Wolf Rider Sound Production to work on this new album, which is seeing the light on March 20th 2020 in collaboration with Rakkerpak Records.

Rasmus G. Sejersen owner of the label, comments:

Since their debut (“Descender” 2012) I’ve been hooked on the melancholic Scandinavian sound of Redwood Hill with the characteristic grooves by drummer Andreas Jauernik Voigt, the well balanced three-piece string-unit and the authentic screaming vocals by Marco Stæhr Hill. You can tell these guys have known each other since childhood through the appealing synergy in the music and their live performances. There’s nothing posing about this band and with strong DIY ethics, honest lyrics and a longtime symphonic craftsmanship they’ve managed to write their best album so far. I’m super glad to be collaborating with Redwood Hill on getting their ambitious masterpiece and third full length album – “Ender” – out there.

Redwood Hill is going to announce concerts in support of the release of “Ender”, but two release party shows have already been announced:

20.03.20 – Radar, Aarhus

21.03.20 – Stengade, Copenhagen

Bookings are being taken by Doomed Scandinavia, for clubs and festivals:


1. Singularity

2. No Horizon

3. Descender

4. Nihil

5. Leben

6. Black Heart

7. Absence

8. Collider

9. Polar

10. The Passage

11. Ender


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