REDWOLVES Premiere Un-Released Song
From The Future Becomes Past Album Sessions – Out on Argonauta Records!



Copenhagen, heavy rock unit REDWOLVES, who released their critically acclaimed full-length debut, Future Becomes Past, in March 2019 on Argonauta Records, have just premiered an un-released track, taken from the album recording sessions! With such an immense creative output the Danish four-piece showcases, there have been songs that never made it on the album, but which are too good not getting heard. Such as the riff and groove monster, Empty Space, REDWOLVESare excited to share with us today! Says the band: Empty Space is a song about insomnia – the fear of letting your thoughts roam free in the uncontrollable universe of your subconsciousness.

Listen to Empty Space, which could have easily become a true rock anthem on the album, right HERE!



On their debut album, Future Becomes Past, REDWOLVES manage to combine the classic Scandinavian sound with a fresh rock approach, moving between modern Rock n Roll, intelligent vocals, heavy grooves, stoner-ish vibes and finest guitar licks. While the band describes their music as “modern classic heavy rock” or at other times “future rock”, it’s hard to believe this is their first album to date, as the virtuosity and innovation of the band speaks volumes of a high class level.REDWOLVES‘ first full-length is not only a complex record, that shows several aspects of the band’s talent, but also delivers directness, catchy hooklines, dynamics and experimentation skills.
But Future Becomes Past has also a tragic background for the band, aside the party, groove, light and joy this record brings over us, it has been inspired by equally despair, darkness and depression: When REDWOLVES had started off the songwriting for their debut, a brutal incident occurred which was to be determining for the album. On New Years Eve 16/17, singer Rasmus Cundell was the subject of a violent attack which carved its deep traces, both personally and within the band. The event caused a delay of the creative process but at the same time, the band – who formed in 2012 – became an important catalyst for pulling through. The lyrics were written after the attack which therefore naturally constitutes the thematic subject matter of the album. On a personal level, the violence spawned a spiral of depressive and fearful thoughts but also on a more general level, the incident initiated a contemplation in regards to the possibilities of agency in a world that appears hostile and destructive. But even though many of the songs origin from this depressive state, one still senses a path towards the light in the music, and it is this adamant hope that the record reminds you of. As the good sides of life can put depression, hopelessness and contingency into perspective, the negation of life can also put perspective on joy and light: “Especially because we all will perish soon, we must insist on living, partying, loving and not to be conquered by darkness, hate and destruction.” The band recently stated. “And thus, we must necessarily seek to journey out of the dark again.”

Seek out of the dark while purchasing your album copy of Future Becomes Past HERE!

In support of their album, REDWOLVES have released a bunch of great music clips, watch them at the following links:



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