Rediscover The Dwarves Classic Pop/Punk Catalog w/ Remastered Reissues On Vinyl

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‘Blood Guts & P*ssy’ (1990)

‘Thank Heaven For Little Girls’ (1991) & ‘Sugarfix’ (1993)

‘Come Clean’ (2000) & ‘Radio Free Dwarves Redux’ (2022)

And More

Shows with Zeke and TSOL Announced

“…in the pantheon of punk rock legends.” – Punknews

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The Dwarves have been thrashing concert halls and destroying eardrums for four decades, but all of their records have never never been in print at the same time…until now! Greedy Media is proud to present a slate of reissues guaranteed to turn on music fans and Dwarves heads as well!

‘Blood, Guts & P*ssy’

‘Thank Heaven For Little Girls’


‘Come Clean’

‘Radio Free Dwarves Redux’


Blood, Guts & Pussy (1990)

With its classic transgressive cover this record reinvented punk rock in under 15 minutes. Pure and untouched by pop influences it remains the kick in the nuts that indie rock so desperately needed at the dawn of grunge. Includes: Back Seat of My Car, Drugstore, Motherfucker. This remastered version also includes new art and bonus tracks.

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Thank Heaven for Little Girls (1991)

Tour hardened vets the Dwarves return to the studio for the B,G&P follow up and mayhem ensues. Includes: Speed Demon, Dairy Queen, Satan. This remastered version also includes new art and bonus tracks.

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Sugarfix (1993)

The Dwarves decrease the tempos, ratchet up the insanity and discover songwriting. Includes: Anybody Out There, Saturday Night, Lies. This remastered version also includes new art and bonus tracks.

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Come Clean (2000)

The beginning of the Dwarves’ modern incarnation as genre-defying rock legends begins with this cinematic explosion of sound. Includes: Better Be Women, Over You, How It’s Done. This version also includes new art and bonus track.

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Radio Free Dwarves Redux (2022)

Side A features live radio broadcasts of 10 Dwarves classics. Side B features flip-sides and comp tracks from “Invented Rock & Roll” and “Take Back the Night.” Includes: Here’s Looking At You, Forget Me Not, and live versions of Dominator and Act Like You Know. This remastered redux version also includes new art and 11 bonus tracks.

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These reissues join the rest of the Dwarves discography – classics like: The Dwarves Are Young & Good Looking (1997); Must Die (2004); Born Again (2011); Invented Rock & Roll (2014); Take Back the Night (2018) and the compilations Lick It (1983-1986) and Free Cocaine (1986-1988).
And the rest of the unique Greedy Records catalog:
Penetration Moon (1993); Earl Lee Grace (1996); and Candy Now (2007).

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Photo: James Farrell

30 Things You Don’t Know About The Dwarves:

1. THE DWARVES play music that crosses all rock genres including hardcore, garage, punk, surf, noise, death metal, experimental, industrial, hip/hop, grunge and good old-fashioned pop. Even their modesty is legendary.

2. THE DWARVES first tour in 1988 covered over 6,000 miles and highlights were featured in the Village Voice. The tour consisted of 3 cities, 4 shows and $165 dollars cash. The band slept in a cargo van and booked gigs on stolen telephone cards.

3. THE DWARVES began in the 1980’s as an Illinois punk garage band, covering everything from the Seeds and Moving Sidewalks to Gang of Four and Devo. They still have skinny ties and tight pants to prove it.

4. THE DWARVES have recorded for visionary independent labels including Sympathy For The Record Industry, Epitaph, Fat Wreck Chords, Sub Pop, Bomp!, Amphetamine Reptile, Man’s Ruin, Recess, Theologian, Glitterhouse, Burning Heart, White Jazz, High Voltage, No Balls, Zodiac Killer, MVD, Midnight, Reptilian, Riotstyle, Burger and Greedy Worldwide. Some of them even paid royalties.

5. THE DWARVES have been stabbed, bludgeoned, swarmed, arrested, shut down, sabotaged and even fellated onstage and much of it is available on video, like the compilations FEFU, Fuck You Up & Get Live and Salt Lake City.

6. THE DWARVES were one of the first hardcore bands to regularly use samples, drum loops and found sounds, even on their earliest recordings where they used cassette tapes to generate them.

7. THE DWARVES teamed up with Top Ten producer Eric Valentine (Third Eye Blind, All American Rejects, Slash) to make their last 5 studio albums. He even showed up to some of the sessions! Valentine and Blag Dahlia helped write songs for Smashmouth and Skye Sweetnam.

8. THE DWARVES were kicked off tour with a UK metal band for sleeping with the girls the headliners had hired to hang out backstage. They were banned from venerable punk dive CBGBs for breaking a table and bleeding on the floor making the venue cleaner and improving its décor.

9. THE DWARVES played with the Minutemen weeks before D. Boon died, visited GG Allin in prison and did coke with the Lemonheads in a seedy hotel room. And that was all in one day! Their list of collaborators on records is vast, including the ones they can contractually mention like Dexter Holland, Josh Freese, San Quinn, Nash Kato, Gary Owens, Stacey Dee, DJ Marz and Spike Slawson.

10. THE DWARVES music has been featured on television shows like Viva La Bam, Nash Bridges, Rob and Big, Laguna Beach, 16 and Pregnant, Homewrecker, Jackass and dozens more. They appeared naked on Monster Garage and Playboy After Dark, where HeWhoCanNotBeNamed mated with a pumpkin.

11. THE DWARVES are the very best looking band in show business. They’ve shared bills with the Cramps, the Offspring, Vandals, TSOL, JFA & countless more!

12. THE DWARVES did a live one-hour performance on Japan’s prestigious NHK network. At the dinner afterward, they literally ate a horse. This turned out to be better than all of the food in Indianapolis.

13. THE DWARVES inspired a current popular catch phrase with their bestselling 2013 self-help book Make the Dwarves Good Again.

14. THE DWARVES played Berkeley’s punk collective 924 Gilman Street the first month it opened and appeared there with the likes of Green Day, NOFX and the Didjits. They were later banned for beating a spectator, but don’t worry, he was a fan of some other group.

15. THE DWARVES are a true independent band with no outside management or record deal, DIY forever. They leave no remains when they die, only footprints in the snow.

16. THE DWARVES bassist Rex Everything has been tased while committing battery and resisting arrest. He loves kittens, puppies and long walks on the beach. Guitarists HeWhoCanNotBeNamed and The Fresh Prince of Darkness teach and counsel troubled teens when not ingesting cocaine and masturbating to hardcore pornography.

17. THE DWARVES have been members of groups like KMFDM, Gnarls Barkley, Mondo Generator, Kyuss, Motochrist, Penetration Moon, The Queers, Scream, Bloodclot, Decent Criminal and The Uncontrollable. Don’t hold it against them.

18. THE DWARVES are OG’s (Original Grunge) appearing with Nirvana, Mudhoney, L7, Supersuckers, Rev. Horton Heat and the Fluid. They appeared in the film Kurt and Courtney where they were described as “one of the more violent bands.”

19. THE DWARVES were attacked by a disturbed person enraged over the band’s lyrics. The first rock ‘n’ roll battle record, ‘Massacre’ proved the old adage that the truth hurts, but so does being assaulted.

20. THE DWARVES could be saluted by groups as disparate as the National Organization for Women, the Vatican and the Daughters of the American Revolution for promoting greater gender understanding.

21. THE DWARVES are snotty bastards who live in California. Their notorious ‘Blood Guts & Pussy’ album cover, depicting a dwarf clad only in dead rabbit and blood spattered Amazons, led to widespread banning and protests at gigs for years to come.

22. THE DWARVES guitarist HeWhoCanNotBeNamed died in 1993 as reported in SPIN (100 sleaziest moments in Rock #79), Alternative PressSF Weekly and Harper’s, among others. Being denied entrance to Hell, he returned to mortal form, commenting later, “that which kills me makes me stronger.”

23. THE DWARVES music has been featured in films like Ghostworld, Hostel, Observe and Report and Me, Myself and Irene, where Jim Carrey crooned ‘Motherfucker’ while having a nervous breakdown in a car. In the hardcore porno ‘Rocksuckers,’ genitals collide to a ballsy Dwarves soundtrack. Lloyd Nickell’s video for ‘Stop Me’ contains content deemed harmful by the FBI, FCC and Mothers Against Intercourse.

24. THE DWARVES are mostly a cat band, but enjoy a good doggy now and again.

25. THE DWARVES singer Blag the Ripper sang the novelty hit ‘Do the Sponge’ on the cartoon series Spongebob Squarepants. Dwarf Sgt. Saltpeter has written and performed over 20 musical pieces featured since the show began. That’s Balls, Folks!

26. THE DWARVES have been active for over 40 years and Blag has published three novels of transgressive fiction, Armed to the Teeth With Lipstick, Nina, and Highland Falls.

27. THE DWARVES performed onstage with Turbonegro at the Leeds Festival, UK and have toured Europe 12 times, performing at Reading, Pukkelpop, Goteborg Gallopp, Download Donnington, Groezrock and Rebellion Fest to name just a few. Please don’t ruin a perfectly good gram of hash with tobacco.

28. THE DWARVES website was hacked by Islamic jihadists ( Peace be upon you!

29. THE DWARVES have an average penis size of nine inches, but most of that is Nick Oliveri.

30. THE DWARVES’ singer Blag co-hosted an advice show with Bay Area radio DJ NoName called We Got Issues. His former podcast Radio Like You Want spread the gospel of bad music and intrusive interviews with accomplice Mike Routhier. Now he croons lounge country style as Ralph Champagne


Upcoming Shows:


12-30 Portland @ Dante’s

12-31 NYE Seattle @ El Corazon


1-6 Santa Ana @ Observatory

1-7 Los Angeles @ Regent


About the Dwarves

Birthed in the garage rock revival of the 1980’s and weened in the punk and grunge scenes of the 1990’s, the Dwarves continue to entertain, shock, and mystify audiences all over the world with groundbreaking records and chaotic live performances spanning four decades.

Coming to prominence as one of Sub Pop’s first signings, the Dwarves reputation for onstage madness earned the respect of grunge-era crowds and the shock and awe of their peers.
Between 1983-1993, they played with many of the most popular bands of the era, including the Cramps, Nirvana, Green Day, the Minutemen and the Offspring to name a few. 1990’s Blood Guts & Pussy LP, with its no nonsense punk rock and disturbing cover art, helped to awaken a nation anesthetized by hair metal and flannel.

The LP’s Thank Heaven For Little Girls (1991) and
Sugarfix (1993) solidified the basic lineup of vocalist Blag Jesus, bassist Sgt. Saltpeter and drummer Vadge Moore.
Following the death of guitarist HeWhoCanNotBeNamed, the Dwarves made singles for Recess and Man’s Ruin, then signed
to Epitaph and proceeded to do for pop-punk what they had done for grunge and garage, making The Dwarves Are Young & Good Looking (1997) and The Dwarves Come Clean (2000) definitive LPs of the skateboard punk era.

By the turn of the century, the Dwarves had toured Europe, Canada and the US extensively as well as Japan and Australia.
Appearances on television and radio and dozens of song placements in film and TV solidified their legendary status. In 2005, The Dwarves Must Die (Sympathy) was hailed as their most eclectic album yet, with producer Eric Valentine and a cast of underground notables featured in cameos that had the dying recording industry buzzing. 2011 saw the release of The Dwarves Are Born Again (MVD), returning to the punk ferocity
of yesteryear, but continuing the genre-defying experiments their fans now demanded.

2014 brought The Dwarves Invented Rock & Roll on DIY punk label Recess and the Gentleman Blag 7” on Fat Wreck Chords. 2015 produced Radio Free Dwarves, featuring live European radio
performances that capture the Dwarves at their fire-breathing, old school best.

A slew of reissues and unreleased gems produced by Blag Dahlia followed on the Greedy Media imprint, including the glam punk Penetration Moon, retro girl pop Candy Now and even the bluegrass Earl Lee Grace LP’s reissued by Burger. The Dwarves early garage, noise punk and unreleased sides were repackaged as the double LPs Lick It and Free Cocaine and the masters of mayhem returned in 2018 with The Dwarves Take
Back the Night LP (Burger) and Julio 7,” featuring a supergroup of past and future Dwarves, including HeWhoCanNotBeNamed, The Fresh Prince of Darkness, Rex Everything, Nick Oliveri, Hunter Down, Andy Now, and Black Josh Freese.

Once again, the Dwarves delivered the goods on wax skewering garage, punk, hardcore, electronica, doo-wop and noise music.

In 2022 Blag authored his third novel Highland Falls (Rare Bird) and released his first full length solo record, Introducing Ralph Champagne, showcasing his retro crooner alter ego.

As 2022 draws to a close, an avalanche of reissues brings back the entire Dwarves catalog on wax through Greedy/MVD and a double LP’s worth of brand new Dwarves material is slated for release in autumn 2023!

The relentless middle finger drive, catchy songwriting and deft production that set the Dwarves apart have never sounded better and with way over a thousand shows to their credit, there’s really only one punk band left that matters! Catch the Dwarves soon at a theater, nightclub or crack house near you, and check out our groundbreaking LPs online or at your local record store.



What others have said…

“A guy who knows how to rub some people the wrong way, some the right. A guy who doesn’t believe in musical comfort zones. A guy who is completely capable of stirring things up as well as silence an entire room. Someone who doesn’t run at the first sign of trouble. If there isn’t any trouble, the guy knows when and how to create it. Kids in punk bands, you could definitely learn a thing or two from Blag Dahlia.” – Vice

“Short of G.G. Allin, it would be hard to name a punk rock band that went further to establish a bad reputation than the Dwarves.” – All Music


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