Red Raven Down from Seinäjoki Finland, released a brand new single for track Highway of Death. The track is recorded, mixed and mastered by Mika Autio (HallaFreakquency).
Singer Jani Korpela comment:
“Highway of Death is inspired by the sad story of Mike Emslie, a soldier who was diagnosed PTSD and committed a suicide. A text is like his last call which is affiliated with his last letter he wrote. The purpose is to bring out the sensibilities of a person who struggles with mental health problems.

The track is familiar from Red Raven Down’s gigs and it’s quite different compared to our previous recordings. I think that one can hear that I’ve been listening to Rage Against the MachineEsa Tala has once again done brilliant composition and this track got me right away when I heard it first time.”

Highway of Death single:
Single cover art: Christian Rupcic & Mikko Parkkonen
Vocals – Jani Korpela
Guitars – Esa Tala
Guitars – Manu Lenkkeri
Bass – Mikko Parkkonen
Drums – Jere Haapala


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