Red Method // ‘For The Sick – The Reworks’ // Album Review

Red Method // ‘For The Sick – The Reworks’ // Album Review

15th January marks the self-release of London Death Metal outfit Red Method’s new and ‘reworked’ album ‘For The Sick – The Reworks’.

The title is an obvious giveaway with the 10-track album being a complete and utter contrast to what you’d expect from this sextet with the first track ‘Slaved to The New World Disorder’ being the only new track on the entire album – something you’d usually be treated with later down the line.

It certainly gets you hooked, starting with an excerpt from Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak stating that those working within the ‘arts’ industry will need to retrain to find alternative work as not ‘every job can be saved’ as a result of the ongoing pandemic – a claim he later denies being aimed solely at this industry. It acts as a strong start to the track representing the pain the music industry and all within it are currently in.

Mixed and mastered by ex-vocalist of Sikth, Justin Hill,  ‘Slaved to The New World Disorder’ is full of sinister growls from vocalist Jeremy Gomez with deep and deadly power chords that lay beneath – both churning the wheels of despair.

The remainder of the album is of course a remix of Red Method’s penultimate album ‘For The Sick’ that was released in February 2020. With performances at the infamous Bloodstock Festival and tracks from the album being featured on BBC Radio 1 Rock show, the band were smashing into the mainstream in good stead.

Then Covid-19 hit the world with an almighty bang and the industry came to a grinding halt giving the band an unlikely opportunity to think on their feet.   The introduction of an electronically manifested remix of the album, ‘For The Sick – The Reworks’ was unleashed.

The sound that Red Method have created is damning.  Take the coarse and gnarly vocals and substitute the thundering drums and intricate guitar riffs with some dirty industrial bass, electronic drums, keyboards and extreme sampling and you’re pretty much there.  It’s dark, it’s deafening, it’s different but it just works.  The darker side of Depeche Mode meets The Prodigy springs to mind.

If you’ve never heard any of Red Method’s work beforehand, it’s a must for any death metalhead.  But if this album is the first time you’ve come across the band, then checking out their conventional work is also a must – both sounds are monstrous, captivating and eclectic.

In response to Rishi Sunak’s quote, this album proves the creatives in this world can do just that. Encompassing their electronic influences have simply proved that the capabilities of the band go far beyond death metal.  No ‘retraining’ needed here – Red Method has created and emitted a masterpiece.

Lookout 2021, the music industry is coming after you.


Review: Emma Painter


Red Method‘s For The Sick – ReWorks’ Is Out Now.



  Slaves To The New World Disorder 5:21
  Cycle Of Violence ReWork 4:28
  Messiah ReWork 3:48
  The Narcissist’s Prayer ReWork 4:28
  Split ReWork 4:08
  Ideology Of the Sick ReWork 3:56
  Adriel ReWork 5:28
  Euphoria Of Transformation ReWork 2:15
  My Psychosis ReWork 4:13
  The Absent ReWork 3:09

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