Record Thieves Unveil New Music Video “Work It Out” Off Latest Album ‘Wasting Time’

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Record Thieves Unveil New Music Video “Work It Out”

Band Feat. Members Of Authority Zero, Allout Helter, Boldtype

Debut LP ‘Wasting Time’ Out Now

“…they’ve been gaining frequent comparisons to ’90s/early ’00s-era punk bands like Face to Face and Millencolin and we agree fans of those bands are gonna wanna feast their ears on this.”- Brooklynvegan

“…eleven tracks of melodious punk rock…a sonic pallet that merges a strong vein of melodic hardcore with healthy dashes of pop punk.”- Denver Westword

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Photo: Anarcho Punk

Denver punks Record Thieves have just dropped a new music video for the song “Work It Out” off their debut album ‘Wasting Time’ out now on all streaming platforms.

Watch the video here:

Video directed and edited by Record Theives’ drummer Jim Wilcox (@unityofnoise),

Singer Mike Waterhouse says, “We all deal with really fucked up shit that can seem too overwhelming to get through. Sometimes we bottle it up, Sometimes we run away, but more than not we have to face it, take some stabs to break it down into more manageable pieces that we can pick up and rebuild from.”

Stream the album or order on vinyl here:

By most accounts, this has been a pretty lousy year. Civil unrest, political uncertainty and a pandemic make for some depressing times. However, there have been a few random highlights sprinkled into the shit stew that is 2020. One of them is certainly the reemergence of Denver, Colorado punks Record Thieves(feat. members of Authority Zero, Allout Helter and Boldtype), who have been disturbingly quiet since 2017.

Luckily, their lack of public appearances doesn’t mean they weren’t busy! While they were off our radar for a few years, they were working hard on their debut, eleven-track LP titled ‘Wasting Time’ which is out today via their new label home Thousand Islands Records.


The band says, “These are crazy times! Trying to navigate through all the sh*t the universe keeps dumping on us. Here’s a new track to help get you through!”

Although it’s their debut album, it’s far more polished than expected, because all of the members have been in the scene for a while in other well-established acts. This depth of experience is extremely noticeable on the album. They are fundamentally sound and project a sense of capability. The vocals are sharp and well constructed, backed by exceptionally skillful guitar riffs, with everything being constantly driven by complex, precise drums.

If your 2020-2021 has been an utter disaster, like it has been for most of us, hang in there! The boys in Record Thieves are about to swoop in and save the day with some tasty new tunes to lift you out of the doldrums!


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Album Art

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Mike Waterhouse

Jim Wilcox

Allen White

Fred Bear

Chad Gilbert




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