Southampton born heavy hitting alternative rock quintet REAWAKEN will self release their new EP ‘* monochrome *’ on the 5th October 2018. For fans of Halestorm and Alterbridge, ‘* monochrome *’may only have four tracks but the high powered and energetic riffs, catchy choruses and powerful vocals in each track has you already reaching for the repeat button!

Watch the video for ‘Don’t Run’ here:

Having a female vocalist with such a powerful voice to rival the likes of Ariana Grande andEvanscences’ Amy Lee, gives REAWAKEN the edge and originality that the alternative rock genre can sometimes be lacking. Having supported bands like Sumo Cyco, Trapt and Skarlett Riot in their hometown, only added to the thirst the quintet already had cemented in them to perform their music live.

The first single ‘Don’t Run’ to be taken from the forthcoming record opens this EP perfectly; “When i wrote these lyrics, I was thinking about driving out of a city into a new place, and then its start raining which is where I wrote the bridge. The whole song is about not being afraid of the future and what lies ahead” explains REAWAKEN vocalist Meg Parkinson.

Having only formed in 2016, REAWAKEN’S harmonious, eerie tones contrasted with their bewitching stage presence, has been capturing the attention of any audience. ‘* monochrome *’ is a reflection of this on record and the band are hoping its one to remember for their ever growing fanbase.

‘* monochrome *’ is released on the 5th October 2018.

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