Throughout history, kings and queens have ruled their respective civilizations. Inevitably, each and every reign of power must come to an end, much like that of the long history of rock ‘n roll supremacy. 2018 marks one of the darkest hours for lovers of unabashed guitar bands. The ever shifting “pop” spotlight now shines miles away – some would go as far as saying widespread rock music is forever dead, and that the kings and queens have all gone and passed.

When they say the king is dead, we say Ready the Prince.

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Across six years and two EPs, we have painstakingly sought to define our sound in a climate where rock is outdated and underwhelming, finally breaking through with the development of our new single “Torn Up”.

“Torn Up” represents letting go of what binds you and moving on. For us, this release symbolizes facing reality and pushing forward with all you’ve got. From the sound and lyrics, to the artwork and photography, this is our new beginning – our primed hello to the world.

With a mission to bring to extinction all rotting rock conventionalities, we are ready to launch the next epoch in Canadian rock history.

We are the new rock mafia.


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