Kansas City, MO based electro-rock band Razorwire Halohas released the official music video for “Sweat,” from their March 27th released EP, Retaliate. Originally premiered on AntiHero Magazine, “Sweat” was filmed on site in downtown Kansas City, MO by Kenn Little of A Ghost in Every Room

“Sweat is a powerfully rhythmic track that is very sexual by design. It focuses on the pure unrestrained sexual urges between two entities and we felt the video should continue on with that feeling. We wanted to show the entities crossing each other throughout the video without ever being able to interact. As though they were worlds apart but could still sense each other.” – Tak Kitara (Vocalist)

Tak and Kenn have a history of working with each other on videos and artwork for RWH releases. They shared the director role on their latest collaboration. Magen Killz signed on to the project to play the lead role early on during the development of the concept.

“Sweat” Description: “Sweat” is a powerful and rhythmic track from Razorwire Halo that is sexually charged and focuses on the pure unrestrained sexual urges between two entities. Razorwire Halo puts a digital edge to everything they create. “Sweat” is just that right animalistic amalgamation between the heat and what is to come. A pulsating need and a sense of wanton lust blends itself into a climatic song.

“Sweat” is the first single/music video off of Razorwire Halo’s new album ‘Retaliate’


EP Title: Retaliate

Band Members:

Tak Kitara [vocalist]

Skylar Kitara [bassist]

Darrell Trussell [lead guitarist]

Kyle Potter [rhythm/synth guitarist]

Billy Alexander [drummer]

Drew Greer [visual designer & engineer]


“In the last couple years each one of us have had major hardships in our lives that have hit us deeply in various ways. Physically and emotionally we have been beat down and broken. Our new E.P. focuses on some of these experiences and the emotions involved. ‘Sweat’ is a powerful and passionate track. We wanted it to be very sexual and for it to make you feel a little uneasy but still make it approachable for the average listener.” – Tak Kitara (Vocalist)

Video Specs:

Directors: Kenn Little of “A Ghost in Every Room” & Tak Kitara

Videographer: Kenn Little

Production and Editing: Kenn Little

Lead Actress: Magen Killz


Razorwire Halo is an established; award winning electro-rock group based out of Kansas City, MO. RWH has proven time and time again that they can captivate their audience and bring a fresh sound year after year. This has allowed for RWH to perform live with many other national acts across the U.S., while gaining their respect. Razorwire Halo has an unwavering commitment to bring the best music possible and most immersive live experience to its fans. Since inception, RWH has released multiple albums with a cohesive concept that has drawn in casual listeners and die hard fans alike. The same is true for 2018 as RWH has released their next E.P. titled, “Retaliate”. RWH will begin to tour again across the U.S. this Spring and Summer with their stand out enhanced live show that brings a large full scale production to the small stage.

Tour Dates:

Razorwire Halo Enhanced Live Performances

4.21.18 @ The Riot Room – Kansas CIty, MO

5.11.18 @ Cafe Acoustic Concert Hall – St. Joseph, MO

5.12.18 @ The Outland Bar – Springfield, MO

5.25.18 @ Wired – Omaha, NE

5.26.18 @ The Rusty Needle – Hutchinson, KS

6.1.18 @ Aftershock – Merriam, KS

6.3.18 @ The Rail Club – Fort Worth, TX

visit www.razorwirehalo.com for more dates



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