Ravenface - Breathe Again - Album Review
Ravenface - Breathe Again - Album Review 8
Ravenface - Breathe Again - Album Review 8
Ravenface - Breathe Again - Album Review 8
Ravenface - Breathe Again - Album Review 8
Ravenface - Breathe Again - Album Review 8
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Ravenface, the British Metal band originating from Lancashire, arrive with new material, 5 years on from when they last hit the studio. On the back of an appearance at UK Tech Fest and also featuring in Kerrang and Metal Hammer, this re-energised quintet are getting the praise they deserve.

Opening and title track, ‘Breathe Again’ shows excellent guitar work, melodies flowing throughout. James Denton’s dulcet tones resembling a mixture of Benjamin Burnley (Breaking Benjamin) and Trenton Woodley (Hands like Houses)

‘In Time and Sight’ has the addition of keyboards and acoustic guitar which gives the album a switch up. Ravenface have done very well to capture such good melodies all the way through this album. A slow paced guitar solo follows an emotional, passionate chorus. ‘Fighters’ is another standout, upping the tempo from the last track including another excellent chorus.

Having listened to some of Ravenface’s earlier material, there is definitely a switch up in genres as they move toward melody rather than the aggressive style that they mixed with. The new addition of guitarist Leah Woodward, helps the band toward a more melodic sounding album, it really does pay off.

I’d put this album into the hard rock category rather than their former label of metalcore. Ravenface have done exceptionally well to insure there are no album fillers and show excellent musicianship. Breathe Again will be an album that take this band from strength to strength. Definitely one to look out for


Peter Watts


 Breathe Again out now

1) Breathe Again
2) Gasoline
3) Tyrants and Kings
4) Colder
5) In Time, In Sight
6) Fighters
7) Tastes Like Misery
8) Light In the Dark
9) The Line

James Denton – Vocals
Leah Woodward – Guitars
Jack Ormond Prout – Vocals & Guitars
Adam Dowd – Bass
Cameron Spence – Drums

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ravenfaceuk/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RavenFace_Band
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ravenface_official


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