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Widely regarded as being the forefathers or pioneers of what would become thrash/speed metal, Raven continues to lay waste where many have faltered.

Fifteen albums deep and with “All Hell’s Breaking Loose” they are showing no signs of slowing down. The ten tracks on the album are what these guys are all about, full speed no bullshit metal at its finest. Opening up with the brilliant “Medieval” a cross between thrash and metal giving your ears a blasting right out of the gate, the frenetic pace and power of the track is what these guys are all about, and this delivers in spades, with John’s trademark vocals and Mark’s savagery on the guitar backed up by Heller’s killer drumming, what more could you ask for. “Surf The Tsunami” is next for shaving and it’s like they supercharged everything for this, the drums are blistering while Mark shreds like a man possessed as John snarls his way through the track, another fine example of how to kick ass. There is no standing on ceremony with “Turn Of The Screw” as John runs the range vocally and puts in a hefty dose of bass just to help kick it up an extra notch, once again Heller’s drumming is insane and Mark rips up and down the fretboard like a madman, one of the best tracks on the album.

The title track “All Hell’s Breaking Loose” sees John set it up nicely with a maniacal laugh before the track explodes with a flurry of Heller’s sticks and Mark’s cutting riffs, John’s bass rumbles big time in the background laying a heavy foundation for a monster track. “The Far Side” opens up in rip-roaring fashion with a tasty solo from Mark before John jumps in on vocals, the drum and bass combo is relentless and really drives the track, the riffs alone on this are stellar and another cool solo from Mark towards the end of the song put a nice exclamation point on it, this is my favourite track on the album, it kicks serious ass. “Desperate Measures” is a balls-out assault on the senses; Heller’s drumming is next level with John’s bass rumbling along nicely in tandem as Mark’s cutting riffs and superb solo continue the onslaught, this type of track is created with one thing in mind, Mayhem with a capital M and they definitely hit the nail on the head with this one. There is something anthemic about “Victory’s Call”, the song just screams put your fists in the air and bang your head, the rhythm is as infectious as the speed of the track and the chorus has that singalong feel to it, which I believe me you will be by the end of it, another cracking tune. “Edge Of A Nightmare” has a hint of Maiden with big galloping riffs and a killer bass line, Heller’s drums once again steal the show, it’s a wonder how his arms haven’t fallen off as he beats the ever-living shit out of them on each track, a nice heavy beat pushes this one along. The thumping bass and drum beat on “Invasion” sets the tone for a harsher way, a little more edgy than previous numbers with John running the gamut of vocals from snarly to high-pitched as Mark slays with gnarly riffs and a cool solo. The album closes with “Go For The Gold”, and boy do they, a million miles an hour with Mark putting in a savage shift as he throws out riff after riff, Heller gives a masterclass in drumming as John screams and roars his way through, a barn burner to finish the album off.

“All Hell’s Breaking Loose” is out on the 30th of June and just like albums of the past this does not let you down 

All Hell’s Breaking Loose will be available on 12” Black Vinyl, 12” Limited Edition Green Vinyl, CD Digipak, Tape Cassette, Digital Formats and special D2C bundles; pre-order at this location


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 Track Listing:

1.            Medieval
2.            Surf The Tsunami
3.            Turn Of The Screw
4.            All Hell’s Breaking Loose
5.            The Far Side
6.            Desperate Measures
7.            Victory’s Call
8.            Edge Of A Nightmare
9.            Invasion
10.          Go For The Gold

RAVEN are:
JOHN GALLAGHER: Lead Vocals, Bass, 12 String Bass

MARK GALLAGHER: Guitar, Vocals

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