Rarity guitarist Corbin Giroux celebrates authenticity with emo-pop single + visual “Middle Earth”

Since 2014, Corbin Giroux has been one of Ontario’s most quietly prolific solo artists. Perhaps best known for his guitar work with the prominent post-hardcore band Rarity, Giroux has remained humbly at work on his burgeoning emo-pop solo career. Already, he has three EPs and two full-length albums to his name — with a third record on the way — as well as multiple solo tours of Canada and the U.S. under his belt. Now, the Hamilton-based singer-songwriter has finally turned what was previously a pet project into a defining artistic effort, fully establishing himself as a solo performer and giving his music “the love it deserves.” This love is palpable in his new single and visual “Middle Earth”, out today.
Along with his trusty acoustic guitar, Giroux’s poised, placid voice is backed by a full band, lush atmospheres and wistful harmonies all designed to wrap you up and make you feel safe. For fans of emo luminaries such as Owen, Dashboard Confessional, Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) and Moving Mountains, Corbin Giroux offers a musical rebirth that’s thoroughly crafted, tangibly self-assured and deeply inviting.
“Middle Earth” is the perfect self-discovery anthem for people who feel overwhelmed by the burden of existence. The track pulls from Giroux’s experiences to deliver a vividly detailed portrait of someone trying to balance who they are with what they must do. It’s a song about finding a way to make all the forces in your life coexist without losing what makes you special.
click to watch “Middle Earth”
Corbin adds “Middle Earth is about being unapologetically yourself and creating music for you, first and foremost.”
Expect more music from Corbin Giroux throughout the summer and fall!
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