RAM launches new video for “The Trap”

Earlier this fall, RAM unleashed their latest record, The Throne Within, to critical acclaim. Now, the band has released a new video (produced by Moonfire Productions) for the album track, “The Trap”, which can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Go0cNuOnYpA

“This video shows an unpolished, inside look behind-the-scenes of a real, hard-working Heavy Metal band No diva bullshit, no steamed white fish and yoga. Just the sweat and grit of the sacrifice for true Heavy Metal.” – Oscar Carlquist, RAM

To purchase and stream The Throne Within, please visit: metalblade.com/ram

There can be few better ways to mark the 20th anniversary of your band than releasing the finest record of your career. In RAM‘s instance, this comes in the form of The Throne Within, the Swedish quintet upping their game across the board to deliver a record with deep roots in classic heavy metal but wielding an energy and freshness to it that places it very much in the now. “It is unmistakable RAM, there are fast songs, heavy songs, mid-tempo and slower tempos as well. There’s melody and there’s grit. The arrangements are recognizable but some may be unorthodox,”states founding guitarist Harry Granroth.

“This is a monumental album for us, and I am certain for our fans. We have worked very hard to bring our sound, songwriting and playing to the next level without leaving our Black Path of Heavy Metal Tyranny,” says vocalist Oscar Carlquist.

RAM online:

Metal Blade to re-issue VOMITORY and FLESHCRAWL Death Metal classics on vinyl!

Metal Blade Records continues to re-issue the VOMITORY catalogue on January 17th with brand new vinyl editions of ‘Carnage Euphoria’ and ‘Opus Mortis VIII’, the final albums in the rich legacy of these Swedish Death Metallers.

On January 24th Metal Blade will finally issue vinyl versions of two German Death Metal classics from FLESHCRAWL! ‘As Blood Rains From The Sky…’ as well as ‘Soulskinner’ will be available for the first time ever on vinyl!

Here’s the available versions:

FLESHCRAWL – ‘As Blood Rains From The Sky…’:
– 180 g black vinyl
– Weed green marbled vinyl (ltd. 300 – EU-exclusive)
– Red/white marbled (ltd. 200 – EU-exclusive)
– Auburn marbled w/golden glitter vinyl (ltd. 100 – Kingsroad-exclusive)

FLESHCRAWL – ‘Soulskinner’:
– 180 g black vinyl
– Burgundy red marbled vinyl (ltd. 300 – EU-exclusive)
– Clear flesh-colored marbled (ltd. 200 – EU-exclusive)
– Clear black marbled w/golden glitter vinyl (ltd. 100 – Kingsroad-exclusive)

VOMITORY – ‘Carnage Euphoria’:
– 180 g black vinyl
– Burgundy red marbled vinyl (ltd. 200 – EU-exclusive)
– Sand beige marbled (ltd. 200 – EU-exclusive)
– Clear black red splattered vinyl (ltd. 100 – EU-exclusive)
– Clear bourbon marbled (ltd. 100 – US-exclusive)

VOMITORY – ‘Opus Mortis VIII’:
– 180 g black vinyl
– Dusk blue black marbled vinyl (ltd. 200 – EU-exclusive)
– Claret violet marbled vinyl (ltd. 200 – EU-exclusive)
– Bloody snow splattered vinyl (ltd. 100 – EU-exclusive)
– Clear ice blue red marbled (ltd. 100 – US-exclusive)


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