Ragnarok // Non Debellicata // Album Review
Ragnarok // Non Debellicata // Album Review8
Ragnarok // Non Debellicata // Album Review8
Ragnarok // Non Debellicata // Album Review8
Ragnarok // Non Debellicata // Album Review8
Ragnarok // Non Debellicata // Album Review8
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Ragnarok has been at the front of the pack of Norwegian Black metal for over 20 years now and has always backed up their ferocious album recording with amazing live shows that have continued to push this special band. Now they have returned with their ninth full-length offering in the form of Non Debellicata, a 47-minute example of some of the best Black Metal that can be found.

This 10 track offering bursts into life with the albums title track and for anyone who was unsure what to expect from Ragnarok, they will have no doubts now!

Each aspect of the band can be heard and appreciated perfectly as the wall of Blackened noise hits like a concrete slab with the bass giving that constant tone that gnaws your eardrum, the fast-paced guitars slicing away at you and the drums providing a punishing constant beat and a sadistic vocal that will haunt your nightmares.

This winning yet utterly despicable combination continues throughout the album as they Blackened wonders bring this stunning follow up to the 2016 releasePsychopathology and continue to explore the historical links to Norway and the band itself.

‘Bestial Emptiness’ begins in the perfect Black Metal sound for me. It has a prominent guitar that embeds itself into your being and then the drums and bass provide the bac up as the assault continues which the vocal just finishes off perfectly and the constant change of pace unnerves even the hardiest of Black Metal fans.

As the bass leads us into the final track ‘Asphyxiation’ the veterans have shown yet again why they have been successful and relevant since 1994. The drums are harrowing throughout, the bass provides the deep and sinister tone that worms its way into your soul and the guitar that wanders where ever it pleases and adds an attack from another angle before the vocals that are as brutal and concerning as any other Black Metal vocalist.

Non Debellicata  is a top drawer offering for the Black Metal world and will certainly appeal to the fans of the more underground sounds. This is a no holds barred offering of the darkest and most sinister music that there is to be heard and is not for the faint of heart but is an amazing album that really needs to be heard and will help push Ragnarok into the next 20 years.

Ed Ford


Non Debellicata is released Friday 15th November 2019 via Agonia Records.


Track Listing

1. Non Debellicata

2. Chapel of Shadows

3. Sanctimoneous

4. Bestial Emptiness

5. Nemesis

6. The Great Destroyer

7. Gerasene Demoniac

8. The Gospel of Judas Iscariot

9. Jonestown Lullaby

10. Asphyxiation




Non Debellicata, by Ragnarok

– jewelcase CD,
– limited slipcase digipack CD (with bonus tracks),
– black LP,
– red LP,
– t-shirt.

Jontho – vocals
Bolverk – guitars
Rammr – bass
Malignant – drums

To celebrate the album’s release, RAGNAROK are set to support US death metallers Immolation on a 21-date European tour, “The Last Atonement”, in November of 2019. Accompanying them on the tour will be Austria’s Monument Of Misanthropy and Italy’s Embryo.

Before departing on the tour, RAGNAROK will launch the album with a show at Glenghuset in their hometown of Sarpsborg, on the 2nd November, in which they will also be celebrating the band’s 25th Anniversary.

02.11 (NO) Sarpsborg / Glenghuset*
07.11. (GER) Munster / Sputnikhalle
08.11. (HOL) Amersfoort / Flour033
09.11. (HOL) Tilburg / de Nieuwe Vorst
10.11. (HOL) Enschede / Metropool
13.11. (ITA) Milan / Slaughter Club
14.11. (ITA) Rome / Traffic
15.11. (ITA) San Dova di Piave / Revolver
16.11. (CH) Sion / Le Port Franc
17.11. (GER) Trier / Mergener Hof
18.11. (FR) Niort / Camji
19.11. (FR) Paris / Backstage
21.11. (UK) Manchester / Rebellion
22.11. (UK) London / The Dome
23.11. (HOL) Rotterdam / Baroeg
24.11. (BEL) Namur / Belvedere
26.11. (GER) Munich / Backstage
27.11. (CZ) Praga / Nova Chmelnice
28.11. (POL) Bielsko Biała / Rudeboy
29.11. (POL) Łódź / Magnetofon
30.11. (GER) Berlin / Lido
01.12. (POL) Poznań / U Bazyla


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