Rad Stacey Release New Single “Night Traffic”

Rad Stacey Release New Single “Night Traffic”

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Toeing the line of hard rock and pop punk, Arizona trio Rad Stacey has delivered their latest single “Night Traffic.” A gruff and tumble track meant to remind you that you’re not alone in times of tragedy.

After two years of battling a tragedy that led frontman Ian Heirs into a severe bout of depression, he decided to put how he felt into a song that would hopefully inspire people to survive. The opening line, “Do you ever feel like you’re lonely when surrounded by friends,” sets the tone for the single with these continued juxtapositions that show up everyday in our lives.

I also didn’t want to just tell this story from my own point of view,” says Heirs. “I knew my mental state had taken a toll on those around me too, which is where the line ‘Late night, you come home, he’s passed out, and you’re alone, don’t let his life take yours away, you’re no cross to bear,’ comes from. It’s dedicated to my best friend and significant other who I watched bear the brunt of my depression.

The name Night Traffic is from a short story Heirs wrote as an undergrad at ASU while studying creative writing. The titular story was also written during a period of frustration and angst for Heirs. The name for both works were inspired by how busy the mind gets at night and keeps us form getting where we want to go.

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Rad Stacey started in 2019 with a menagerie of musicians that have worked together in the scene for years. With heavy influences from punk, hardcore, pop, to hip-hop, Rad Stacey hasn’t planted their feet in any one genre. Rad Stacey released their inaugural EP, “Shhh…Tell ‘Em All” in 2020. This EP is an expansive, uplifting collection of tracks that takes shape with its signature crunchy guitar riffs and high-energy beats. Melodic leads and hook-laden vocals are the driving force behind the songs. The powerful and honest lyrics promote putting yourself out there and answering life’s call to live. The message in each track serves as a much needed wakeup call as life begins to return to normal across the United States. With the release of “Shhh… Tell ‘Em All”, Rad Stacey establishes themselves as a promising new voice in the world of rock.

Listen to the single “Night Traffic” now on Spotify.

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