Racket County – Rock ‘N’ Load Video Exclusive – “Slow Ride”

Racket County Exclusively Drop Their New Video For “Slow Ride” – We Caught Up With The Guys To Get The Lowdown On The New Track and Journey So Far:


What is the inspiration behind Slow Ride? 

Clay: Top Flight Security of the World from the movie Friday After Next.

Hard Target: We were all sitting around sipping when Cymple Man and Brian started working on the hook. It just sounded dope. Writing-wise, once I heard it, I just went with the topic of the song, and let Brian outshine us all on it.

Where did the title Slow Ride come from?  

Hard Target: They said it a lot in the chorus. This is just a chill riding song. No need to reinvent the wheel. Just some good old fashion riding music.

Cymple Man: We chose it because that’s how it was growing up- I’m sure quite a few of us got “lucky” out on backroads before.

When and where was the song recorded?  

Wess Nyle: The whole album was recorded in Baxley, GA at Country Boys Paradise Studio, Lac’s personal studio, over the course of five days. It was nice to have our own space and be able to just do our thing.

Cymple Man: We recorded it in Baxley at Country Boys Paradise Studio…we all came in for a week to work on this second Racket County project and the mission was accomplished. 

Are there any stories you want to share behind the making of the new video for Slow Ride?

Clay: I was wearing a tight rent-a-cop uniform… I could barely button the pants and I was hoping they would bust and throw everyone off during the shoot.

Hard Target: Yeah, this was awkward for me… The girl in my scene was extremely shy and did not loosen up for the scene. Sweet girl, but just was kinda like a deer in headlights, so for me, it was kinda weird.

Cymple Man: It was great to watch the notorious criminal mastermind, Clay Sharpe, transform into an Officer who steals from us and ultimately our girls… Technically, I think he was a dude, disguised as a dude, playing another dude.

Tell us about the collaborative process for this track between the members of Racket County…

Hard Target: On a lot of the making of this album, I’d chime in here and there, but for the most part I wanted to see what everyone else was coming up with. The first Racket County album was a big success, we all played our various parts in it. This project was cool to sit back and see the second Racket County project come to life with everyone contributing their creativity.

Wess Nyle: On the whole project it was kind of just me starting a beat, seeing if the other guys were into it, and then everyone just sorts of building off each other to see what worked.

Cymple Man:  We all got in there and got creative bouncing ideas off each other. Some stuck and others didn’t. It’s a great feeling when you have that many people in there though. Having everyone working towards the same goal, and sharing the same positive/creative energy is something special.

What’s the difference between this release compared to your previous releases?

The Lacs: It’s special because it’s different than just a Lacs record- I feel we have more freedom on collaborative records like these.

Hard Target: It’s super different in my opinion! The original had a unique vibe to it, and this one has its own unique style. It’s new and definitely different from the original Racket County project we released.

Wess Nyle: This release is special because I always cherish the projects I get to solely produce. Funny enough, it is also the first album we’ve all created together in person. Until now we’ve always had to do things via email. I think in-person collaboration shines through in the sound.

Cymple Man: This is the 2nd dose of Racket County. The old fans are getting reintroduced to us and the new ones are just waking up to what we make. I think we were able to show even more of our diversity and range in terms of subject matter since we never know what route we are gonna go until the beat starts playing.

Anything else you want to say about Slow Ride?

The Lacs: Watch that shit.

Hard Target: Please use the left lane for passing only.

Wess Nyle: I’m really proud of what we did with this one and hope you guys like it!

Cymple Man: Slow Ride is probably the most small town, rural American record that we have on the project. It’s exactly what dating is like in these country towns… The guy wants the girl to load up with him and go hit some backroads on a slow ride.



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