Quaker City Night Hawks // Curran // Live Review // Limelight II // Belfast
Quaker City Night Hawks // Curran // Live Review // Limelight II // Belfast
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Friday night in Belfast city, Once again we’re at The Limelight Belfast for yet another fine evenings music, this time we’re delving into a little Country, Rock ‘No Roll.

Opening up tonight is Curran courtesy of New Jersey via Ireland as their FB page states, an acoustic duo who bring a lot of swagger to this stage tonight with beautifully melodic songwriting and first-class musicianship. Harmonising vocals and shredding guitar solos ore the name of the game here as they liven up a Friday in the capital city.

Playing tracks off their latest release Lonely Road Of Faith they take the audience on a sonic rollercoaster through high energy Rockin’ numbers to slow-paced ballads and more all delivered with a dose of Americana class. The guys throw in a cover or two including Bon Jovi’s ‘Blood On Blood’ which goes down well with the Belfast crowd, we’ll who doesn’t love a bit o’ Jovi! The guys wrap up a bitchin set and Belfast gives them their seal of approval on this their debut show in the city.

A packed out Limelight II greets The Quaker City Night Hawks as they take the stage, previously in Belfast supporting Blackberry Smoke only last year, 2019 sees their return for their debut headlining show. A gnarly, gritty band they knock out track after track that’s groove-laden, bluesy at roots and meaty enough to give you the sweats these guys rock! A tight outfit, held at the back by a savage drummer in Aaron Haynes laying down a sick backbone for the guys to chew on, they gladly accept and raise the bar with sick riffs and duelling vocals to create a highly engaging set.

It’s great to see a band such as the QCNH all the way for Fort Worth, Texas in a venue in Belfast ripping their way through a gnarly set and being so well received so far from home. There’s an affinity with bands such as this with the Irish crowds, we get it. The Cadillac Three, Black Stone Cherry, Blackberry Smoke, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown. We love them all, geographically we maybe 1000’s of Miles apart but we get it. Their dark, gritty undertones resonate and pull you in, the cinematic quality of the songwriting envelopes each and everyone in the room engaging with them and get under your skin. It’s a beautiful thing.

The guys pull all the tricks out of the bag for tonight’s show, Blues, Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Soul and a little Funk In the mix, songs from their latest release QCNH and of old, and Belfast is left breathless and gasping for more. A triumphant debut headline show will ensure these crazy cats return again soon, the sooner the better.




Review & Photography // Mark McGrogan 


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