PYRE // Chained to Ossuaries // Album Review

The great thing about Pyre is, what you see is what you get.
No nonsense blasting death metal.
Following up from their sophomore release “Human Hecatomb”, they are unleashing “Chained to Ossuaries” upon us.
Focusing on its traditional and raw sound, Pyre crafts a brand of death metal that is unrelenting & pure.
The band was formed in St. Petersburg, Russia, in early May of 2011.
Combining the sounds of bands like Asphyx, Grave, Entombed, Unleashed, Autopsy, Obituary & Dismember, shows they may be a death metal band but a death metal band that mixes all different sounds into their melting pot.
“Chained to Ossuaries” is a dark brooding hellscape of chainsaw guitars, blood-curdling screams & a sonic crater of bass & drums.
“Ornaments of Bones” for instance is one of the great melting pot tracks, Part Death & Asphyx.
Using great guitar work in succession, with a great backbone of the beat, makes this track a doomy but also a switch on a dime track that takes you to breakneck speed passages that feel like the band is unstoppable and the wheels are about to explode off!
Unlike some of the bands recently in the death metal scene of late, Pyre knows how to capture death metal on record, where some bands may want to replicate the old sound of early recordings of death metal titans,
Pyre keeps “Ornaments of Bones” raw, heavy & familiar without muddying the sound of the album. It’s raw but not so raw it may put you off, Polished but not so polish it loses what makes this album so good.
“Crown of Death” oozes early Obituary & even Morbid Angel. This whole album tickles all sides of death metal. This track also has some of the best dive bombs and blazing lead work I’ve heard in recent death metal releases.
The guitar riffs between Roman Rotten & Fred Obsinner are perfectly matched. Knowing when to turn 0 – 100 in a dime makes this band work so well. It’s such a highlight on this album.
The album clocks in at a good 40 minutes and doesn’t outstay its welcome.
But what it also does well, is leave you wanting more. I am really looking forward to what this band has to offer next.
If you are a fan of all classic death metal, this album has it all. If waiting for the new Obituary or Entombed record has you impatient, this will fill that void, I promise.
Review: Joseph Mitchell
“Chained To Ossuaries” is out now via Memento Mori.
01. Exordium
02. Impaler the Redeemer
03. Wreath of Crucifix
04. Across the Shores of Emerald Fractals
05. Ornaments of Bones
06. Chained to Ossuaries
07. Crown of Death
08. Disgraced and Dethroned
09. Antae to the Nothingness
10. Death’s Dawn Call
PYRE // Chained to Ossuaries // Album Review
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