PUTRID OFFAL’s Vomited Analog Tract

The Korporation is proud to announce the Nov.05 release of both vinyl @ cassette versions of PUTRID OFFAL’s ’90s discography compilation, “Premature Necropsy: the Carnage Continues” in celebration of the band’s 30th anniversary.

Specifically remastered for analog supports at CONKRETE studio (DEFEATED SANITY, MERCYLESS, INHUME…) and featuring their part of the cult 1991 split with EXULCERATION as well as their part of the 1991 split with AGATHOCLES and their part of the “Obscurum per obscurius” six way (SUPURATION, DAGON, SEPULCHRAL, KHROMADEATH, NOCTURNAL FEARS…), this bloody piece of Death Metal history, first released on CD in 2015 through now defunct KAOTOXIN records, will at long last be vomited on analog supports!

The album can already be streamed everywhere, including YouTube


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The Korporation is proud to take part to legendary Gore Death / Grinders PUTRID OFFAL’s anniversary celebrations announcing the Nov.05 release of the band’s complete pre-album releases compilation “Premature Necropsy: the Carnage Continues” on vinyl and cassette.

First released on CD in 2015, this brand new version of the compilation, specifically remastered at CONKRETE studio (DEFEATED SANITY, MERCYLESS, INHUME…) for analog formats, “Premature Necropsy” includes the band’s 1991 “At the Sight of the Foul Offal” split with Belgian legends of Mincecore AGATHOCLES, their cult 1992 “Premature Necropsy” with Swiss Grinders EXULCERATION and their part of the famous underground French Death Metal six-way split “Obscurum per obscurius” (SUPURATION, DAGON, KHROMADEATH, SEPULCHRAL, NOCTURNAL FEARS…).

This new XENOKORP Kvlt Series version (CD got released under the KAOTOXIN banner) will come in four different versions:

  • 100 copies limited edition translucent red with black splatter 12″ vinyl LP
  • 200 copies limited edition black 12″ vinyl LP
  • 30 copies limited edition black shell cassette tape
  • 30 of the above red & black vinyls coming with an exclusive autographed test press copy of the album, a red shell version of the cassette tape and a “Premature Necropsy” slipmat.

All vinyl versions will include:

  • black paper inner sleeves
  • 3mm scinde sleeves printed on 350g cardboard with glossy lamination
  • full-color inserts printed on 170g glossy paper
  • a full color “outdoor” vinyl sticker

Track List

  1. A1 – Intro
  2. A2 – Purulent Cold
  3. A3 – Repulsive Corpse
  4. A4 – Premature Necropsy
  5. A5 – Rotted Flesh
  6. A6 – Symptom
  7. A7 – Garroting Way
  8. A8 – Suffering
  9. A9 * Mortuary Garland
  10. A10 – Outro
  11. B1 – Mortuary Garland
  12. B2 – From Plasma to Embalming
  13. B3 – Gurgling Prey
  14. B4 – Birth Remains
  15. B5 – Organic Excavation
  16. B6 – Oscillococcinum
  17. B7 – Rotted Flesh
  18. B8 – Gurgling Prey

All A side songs from the 1991 split with EXULCERATION. B1 to B5 from 1992’s “Obscurum per obscurius”. B6 to B9 from “At the Sight of the Foul Offal” / “Unformed”

Line Up

  • Franck PEIFFER – Guitars & Vocals
  • Frédéric HOURIEZ – Bass & Vocals
  • Boris – Drums (on “Premature Necropsy” & “Obscrurum per obscurius”)
  • Ludovic LOEZ – Drums (on “Unformed” / “At the Sight of the Foul Offal”)


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