Pulchra Morte // Ex Rosa Ceremonia // Album Review

Formed in 2017 and comprising of members of Skeletonwitch, Wolvhammer, Abigail Williams, Eulogy, Harkonin, and Leagues Below with the intention of bringing back the atmosphere and feeling to extreme music and in 2019 the debut album Divina Autem Et Aniles was unleashed and was received with open arms by the masses. This was followed up by performances at the Full Terror Assault Open Air Festival along with supporting 1349, Uada, and Cloak on their sold-out North American tour.

Pulchra Morte has been writing this follow-up for most of the year and whilst the previous album focussed on death, the band have stated that this offering is geared toward exposing themselves a little more and displaying their intention more.

So what does this mean in musical terms? As we press play the immediate feeling of a rawness along with Melodic Doom meets us in all its glory. The vocal is that of Black Metal whilst the pace is that of the slower and more purposeful atmospheric genre as without delay the album begins its steady takeover.

The riffs are powerful in their slower nature as the drums pick their moment and point of impact and the labored lyrics are spat in brutal form as the hypnotic sound puts its dark, shrouded spell on you, and you are dragged into the murky and abrasive world of Pulchra Morte.

The inclusion of the Serpents Choir, which features members of Immolation, 1349, and GWAR to name a few, allows the choral aspects of the record to really pack a punch and takes this record to a whole new level. Not only does I show how Pulchra Morte are viewed by their peers, but it also allows the band to add layers to their already stunning work.

Ex Rosa Ceremonia is a record that deserves to be given time and when you invest in the album, you will truly begin to realize how wonderful it is. It gave life to Doom and really shows the vulnerabilities of an extreme form of music, with its rawness and evolving sounds Pulchra Morte may have created something that whilst discreet in nature may be one of the most important albums in its field.

Ed Ford

Ex Rosa Ceremonia is released Nov 6th 2020 via Transcending Records.


1. The Serpent’s Choir
2. Fires Of Coil
3. Knife Of The Will
4. In The Mourning Light
5. Prince Among Shadows
6. The Archer & The Noose
7. To Suffer (The Way You Do)
8. Locust Humanity
9. Ex Rosa Ceremonia




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