Critically acclaimed hard rock band Pterodactyl Problems are pleased to announce that they will play the legendary Lee’s Palace in Toronto. The show will take place on March 8 2019, to coincide with the worldwide release of their new album Esoteric Hobbies.

Although Pterodactyl Problems claim “the band was formed almost by accident through the discovery of their unified passion for great music”, their tracks ooze confidence and purpose no matter what they turn their hands to. Esoteric Hobbies is a remarkable feat for the rock world, a gem in Toronto’s rich scene. “We are super proud of how this record turned out,” says the band.

Order tickets/RSVP here:

Listen to the album’s previously released single “Protest” here:

Pterodactyl Problems are:

Davey White: guitar and vocals
Jack Neila: guitar
Ciarán Neely: guitar and bass
Oliver Salathiel: drums

1. Paresthesia
2. Protest
3. Alone in the Cold
4. Crazy
5. Heavy
6. Constellations
7. Lush Lives
8. Heroes Killers
9. Breathe
10. Exhale
11. Down the River
12. Slideshow
13. Pictures

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