Psychedelic Sludge heavyweights BLEEDING EYES announce album details and share first single from upcoming record!

“Golgotha” to be released July 31st on Go Down Records

Psychedelic sludge heavyweights BLEEDING EYES have announced the release of “Golgotha”, the band’s sixth studio album, coming out on July 31st via Go Down Records. Starting from long and substantial jams, the five-piece band extrapolated and deepened seven relentless sludge anthems, full of raw energy and bleak atmospheric soundscapes. A first glimpse of what to expect can now be heard in form of “Confesso”, the apocalyptic first single from the upcoming record, streaming now here:

“Golgotha” to be released July 31st on Go Down Records and now available for pre-order at THIS LOCATION


Tracklist as follows:

1. In Principio

2. Le Chiavi Del Pozzo

3. 1418

4. Del Pozzo Dell’Abisso

5. Confesso

6. La Verità

7. Inferno

Lorenzo Conte | drums, backing vocals
Marco Dussin | bass
Jason Nealy | guitars, backing vocals
Nicola Anselmi | guitars
Simone Tesser | vocals

For more info visit:

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