PSTCRDS // 'This Place Or Our Pace' // EP Review
PSTCRDS // 'This Place Or Our Pace' // EP Review 7
PSTCRDS // 'This Place Or Our Pace' // EP Review 7
PSTCRDS // 'This Place Or Our Pace' // EP Review 7
PSTCRDS // 'This Place Or Our Pace' // EP Review 7
PSTCRDS // 'This Place Or Our Pace' // EP Review 7
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Starting up in Newcastle, pop-punk band PSTCRDS are set to release their debut EP ‘This Place Or Our Pace’ after a series of singles back in 2019. Nostalgic, ‘warped tour’ summer vibes are all over this EP with the band clearly showing off their influences from the so-called ‘2nd-wave’ of pop-punk.

It is undeniably hard for a pop-punk band to put out music that still sounds fresh in today’s music climate. With hundreds of bands trying to fit the mould formed by modern pop-punk bands such as State Champs and Neck Deep, I got near enough what I expected from the four tracks. From the blast-beats to the sparkly, polished electric guitar leads the EP is packed with just what it takes to be a pop-punk band nowadays.

“As older generations look back on their high school memories, we often glorify experiences growing up, even though in reality schooling and education can be the hardest years to get through” explains vocalist Steven Reid. “Navigating adolescence and the anxieties of growing up whilst also trying to figure out who you are and the experiences young people generally go through is hard – like trying alcohol, drugs, experimenting with new things, how you dress, how you act, how you treat people and are treated – this all factors into the overall experience and how you come out the other side.”

Opening track ‘Meritless’ is easily my favorite cut from the EP. A groove on the tom drums kicks off the song at a promising pace before the song drifts from downbeat pre-choruses to a huge sing-along chorus.

‘Change & Grow’ and ‘Don’t Fake It’ follow up next. Despite these songs being clearly written with the traditional pop-punk and emo sound in mind, I would’ve liked to hear more of the originality and character that was heard on the opening track. However, it is clear these songs were written for pop-punk fans and they are sure to be crowd-pleasers at shows – they’re fun, simple, and will charm new and old fans of the genre alike.

While still sticking to the conventions of the genre, final track ‘Memories’ sees the band branch out into the more hardcore element of their sound; implementing harsh vocals to give the track a much grittier sound with the guest vocalist and it is a direction I would like to hear them explore more on future releases.

‘This Place Or Our Pace’ is available on May the 1st 2020.


Review: Harry Bunker 




Change & Grow

Don’t Fake It



PSTCRDS is Steven Reid (vocals), Henry Holzberger (guitar), Tom Pockett(guitar/vocals), Brad Reid (bass/vocals) and Jack Stewart (drums)


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